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CJ Hooman last chance [ First interchanges]

Extra-terraformed moutain for futuristic and unrealistic Hooman-zoo city

  1. tomorokolo
    Greetings wild Hooman,

    First let me introduce myself.

    Me, Tomoroloko, have been sent by PlanetForm CO. to design a colony for some of your species we will abduct.

    We learned from you the saving of poor animals in zoo so they don't disappear with their natural environnement(you destroy). You find your animals cute or whatever , for us it is your funk music that we want to preserve.

    Seeing how fast you are destroying your own environment, we decided to treat you as you treat others, as we always do, and decided to be prepared to rescue some of your people if things were about to go too wrong for your planet.

    We already did abduct some of your people to ask them question about your lifestyle so you could be happy in our zoo. Mister Fresco was an interresting prey he taught us about hooman behaviors but he escaped and stole some idea of our architecture and called that Venus Project, sadly. But nonetheless we now know you are use to policeman , fireman , leisure , education , electricity , and of course the most important : all of you will have a car and many road to use them .

    With technologies you can't even imagine we spyed on your planet a little bit even though we're friendly because why not( we treat other as themself treat others ) , and we captured some precious pictures that describe how you organize your living here is some example : ( yes i was spotted on the last one )

    Some Pictures inspiring

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    Then, with technology you can't even imagine, we recreate somewhat of mix of that onto a planet that is like yours . I send you pictures of what we are preparing but tell no-one not to scare your population.

    What is done

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    what is here

    A Reserved for Hooman Suggestions ( Harbour / Dam / Holidays Resort / ... / )
    B Bridge test Area
    C Reserved for Hooman Suggestions
    D The Crater : Ski station OR Lake and leisure sailing OR Harbour
    E The main Tower ( Name left for Hooman if they are democratic and participative enough )
    F The Big Dam
    G Minas Balloon
    Airport AND Toglodyte or Cave dwelling leisure center AND Zeppelin station
    H The Bench : all paved temple OR ski station ( clean place )
    I The Star : small replica of the main tower


    The Ruggued Mountain is planned to be able to receive a flow of people, they will have to choose a bloc and to personalize it as they want. This is why we built the roads first and in a grid layout rather than the metaphora of your blood system.

    At our opinion your cities have trouble when they grow following some axis ( veins and arteries ), which can be congested making you sad and we don't want that.

    To us the idea of a grid is giving every road the same weight in the network and then it allows us to make big interchanger and we all like big interchange right ? but some of your scientist explain this in your langage better than me and even argue about stuff that we won't allow you to do. All the industries , offices ands shops will be under our control and won't be able to choose by themselves where they settle which solves all your theoric problems.

    Central place theory


    The Octogon on the middle is obviously the main place it is only the first node of a network supposed to be as big as necessary following the pattern found by one of your people.

    Ammann Beenker tiling


    If the experience is a succes then we can choose to keep the part E only and the pattern can be repeated to fill the planet we found for you.

    2 RCI

    For food you will have some indoor hydroponic greenhouse, and Banana farms for scale , 6 or 7 blocks of the main tower close to the natural river will do that.

    You won't have to dig for oil since we will give you an equivalent for your cars , and you won't have to care about waste because the zoo is design to recycle everything.

    We will provide you for heavy industries trought our commercial representant Omnicorp at a cupid price so you can follow your habits, but you will have to manufacture them so they fit your needs and this is also true for you so called "high-tech".

    We don't want to abduct too much person at the same time and we can't send too much of them back so omnicorp won't provide you for workers nor offices.

    You will have plenty of water on the land , you just have to pump it , we will buy the excedent with money we print.

    For electricity the temperature differences between the bottom of the main tower and the top will provide energy for most of your domestic activity and you have one or two dam , if this not enough feel free to put wind turbine wherever you won't hear them. And maybie if you behave well we will let use nuclear energy. But be sure we won't let you emit any pollution, so you will have to cover your manufacture with a special tree made to eat CO2.

    We also have trees that create silence but we want you to do funky music for us remember ?

    If you want to take a break you can prey or do Hooman leisure at the Bench / The Crater / the Troglodyte center and it is well known that hooman are good to find new way to entertain
    themselves and you will have to proove it .

    3 road & transport

    The Red part are left for boats / highway / or maglev if we manage to spy that on you , we are planning to create some kind of hub that could lift your car onto train or boats, and same for freight , this is also why we created this artificial river you already have good ideas on the paper on your planet , maybie one of them can be reconstructed into the arch.

    An airport is planned for Area G , a big one for our Flying saucer , and a smaller one for you to have fun. We will also provide you with a zeppelin station given the topology of the place it is the most efficient.

    The Wide uptown avenue are the widest ... that's why I used them to draw the grid but they will be replaced.

    MOST IMPORTANT : The original idea that guided the rest of the layout is to represent the very specific of your species a Quadruple Helix with tunnel , in the center of the main tower.

    The idea of a stepped tower reduce the space taken by entrance/exit of tunnels :

    Register or to view Spoiler content!

    Pic 1

    represent all the tunnel , same color means they connect the same level , Yellow from 1rst floor to 2nd blue from 2nd to 3rd ect ....

    Pic 2

    This is how the traffic would be , yellow part represent segment connected to tunnel that climb

    and red for tunnel that go down. In a yellow part cars will aim at the center if they want to climb and to the border if they want to go down , and the opposite for car in red part.

    purple represent tunnels

    Pic 3

    Represent 4 person who can climb the tower at the same time without meeting

    Pic 4

    what is a block and its connexion.

    My alien brain still hurts :p

    How do you feel about it Hooman ?

    Do you think it will work ? Can you see mistakes we could have made despite our alienship ? As

    french people say " l'erreur est humaine " , this is a project for hooman it may contain some !

    Please send me your suggestion !! We will try to have every creation you make represented in the city , the bloc system allow style mixing very easily and we want no-one sad of not being represented ^^

    This is my only mission for the Week , so I , Tomoroloko will update this note every day probably, unless I really have nothing to tell you , or if the vilain D3D plays too many

    ( I don't mind sharing the actual state and I have a no-mod version of the landscape .)

    I speak Alien so excuse my poor English , don't hesitate to correct me , I will learn this way .


    1. gamescreen0022.jpg
    2. 697485_4_0_0_560_w_0.jpg
    3. 697487_6_0_0_560_w_0.jpg
    4. Aeras-Map.png
    5. attempt2.jpg
    6. attempt3.jpg
    7. attempt4.jpg
    8. attempt5.jpg
    9. Babelo.jpg
    10. gamescreen0007.jpg
    11. gamescreen0008.jpg
    12. gamescreen0009.jpg
    13. gamescreen0010.jpg
    14. gamescreen0011.jpg
    15. gamescreen0012.jpg
    16. gamescreen0013.jpg
    17. gamescreen0015.jpg
    18. gamescreen0016.jpg
    19. gamescreen0017.jpg
    20. gamescreen0018.jpg
    21. gamescreen0019.jpg
    22. gamescreen0020.jpg
    23. gamescreen0021.jpg
    24. gamescreen0022.jpg
    25. gratte-ciel-futuriste-gwanggyo-578404.jpg
    26. images.jpg
    27. levelscreen0005.jpg
    28. Machu-Picchu-1.jpg
    29. machu-picchu-wider-view.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. royb 98
    royb 98
    One of my teachers is called Hoomans, should I be worried now?

    I like your creativity, looks great but maybe you could have used more modern houses.
  2. MauricioRP
    Good intro!!! Hoomans are boring. You better don't care. :p
    1. tomorokolo
      Author's Response
      Yeah they are boring when they are bored ... no wonder why they didn't found us yet ! x)
  3. Artmaster
    You have a great imagination...good job with story presentation. Even if some things look ugly...that waterfall area is pretty unique and looks good, albeit a little squarish. A little photoshop could make those areas really awesome.
    1. tomorokolo
      Author's Response
      Yeah still a lot of work to do ^^ , for the squarish problem there is the landscape which is still ' rough ' this will improve but there is also the old laptop not anti-aliasing compatible, this sadly won't change.
      My photo-shop skill are around 1/10 actually , i hope i can reach 3 or 4 ... someday ^^
  4. Branden Yoon
    Branden Yoon
    Very creative idea. but I would like you to do something with video quality!
    1. tomorokolo
      Author's Response
      I tried enhancing the settings for upcoming screenshot. hope it is better
      Glad someone read thank you !
  5. kipate
    I like the overall idea, and you really cared to create a coherent story.
    Unfortunately, some of your realizations on the map do not look good.
    And well, somehow I expected some more places for a living, some little town :)
    1. tomorokolo
      Author's Response
      thank you for compliments.
      For now I work with a mod folder which is evolutive , i downloaded roughly 1 GB of super content from you guys but some of them are creating me errors.
      So when i work on the landscape i no longer use the mod folder to save me some fps , this is why i keep 98 % of the map unbuilt till the whole landscape is ready.

      Hooman are hard to please !

      I need to find an efficient way to put texture into the vertical areas, i add a picture in the " inspiration " , one i just found that represent what's in my mind for the look of this project for later.

      I will try to reproduce that , next picture will be better looking and well they will represent somehow a place to live ;)
  6. Anonymous
    Sorry, but this so ugly ...
    1. tomorokolo
      Author's Response
      Don't be sorry Hooman , be scared this can become your new home ! but we won't abduct you who don't really sound constructive :)