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Tutorial How to build mines!

How to build mining zone's!

  1. cityguru
    Migrator's note: cityguru is the original author of this tutorial.

    What do you need?

    - http://xlnation.net/resources/lexs-total-greenery-mod.437/
    - http://xlnation.net/resources/pipeline-powerline-railtracks-pack.395/
    - http://xlnation.net/content/water-decoration-areas
    - http://xlnation.net/content/nexl-pedestrian-paths
    Step 1 Build a road to the area where you i'll mine.
    Step 2 Build a round where you wanna create mine.

    Step 3 Build another round in the round , now deeper. An then next one and again next one untill you are in the center.

    Step 4 Zone the area's with ground texture.
    Step 5 Build a big electricity factory.

    Step 6 Build rails around it.

    Step 7 Build those two type factories. The digging one near the mine. The other with water close the the mine but far from the other buildings.
    Step 8 Build squares.

    Step 9 Add water into. Each need different.

    I hope you like it , my English isn't ok , like all Languages.