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Tutorial How to create Rice Farms.

Rice farms for Asian & Pacific CJ's!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's Note: This work belongs to cityguru, this isn't my own work.
    Step 1: Search for a hilly or mountain area.

    Step 2: Place petpaths higher than main mountain.

    Step 3: Form a figure with it. And make so close as possible to eachother.

    Step 4: Change texture petpaths to petpaths 2.

    Step 5: Add water in it.

    Step 6: Use petpath between the two area's if possible.
    Step 7: The area's between. Fill with grass plaza.
    Step 8: Clear.

    Countries using it
    Countries having a fully rice culture:
    Asia: China , Japan , Phillipines , Indonesia , Malaysia , Vietnam , Laos , India , South Korea , Pakistan , Thailand , Birma , Nepal and Bhutan.
    Pacific: Fiji , Coock Islands and Papuea New Guinea.
    Americas: Suriname , Brazil , Bolivia , Panama , Honduras , Mexico , Guyana , Belize , Colombia , Peru and Uruguay.
    Europe: Turkey , Greece , Russia and Italy.
    Africa: Ethopia , Kenya , Tarzania , Cameroun , Congo , Mozambique , Ghana , Liberia , Benin , Burkina Faso , Gambia , Senegal , Central African Republic , Uganda , Rwanda and Ivory Coast.
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