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Tutorial How to make a Google maps look-a-like map!

A easy way to make a Google maps-like map!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    1. Make a picture of your Cities XL city: F11 + cntrl
    2. Exit Cities XL
    3. Go to: documents>pictures>focus home interactive>Cities XL 2012
    4. Copy your picture
    4. Resize it with paint to 5120x5120 pixels.
    5. Open internet.
    6. Open Maplib - http://www.maplib.net/
    7. Login or register
    8. Go to my pictures
    9. Create a Atlas (If you don't have done that.)
    10. Go back to my pictures
    11. Click on: upload a picture
    12. Upload it.
    13. Tada , you are done.

    Warning some times you don't see the markers!

    Here's one of my results
    Enjoy and don't forget to like! [​IMG]
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    Truly recommendable for CJs!