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Tutorial How to make a mountain

With this tutorial you can easily make your dream landscape!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hello everybody!

    Boring of playing the same maps? Missed the freedom with creating your own landscape, like it was in SimCity4?
    Well, with this little turorial you can do almost everything with the terrain. I'm showing you how to make a mountain, but with us of the very same rules you can create a various landscape on the whole map, even those completely flat! It's really simple. I think, that many of you already know how to do this, but it could be really helpful for everyone, if i explain it: )

    Well, let's start!

    Mods required:
    User Interface Mod by Altris
    Dig Area Tool Mod

    1.First you have to layout the roads, which will be the border of your mountain. :


    2.Now elevate the ground inside the road across it's borders by using special elevated terrain tool - you can found it in Dig Area Tool Mod:


    4.Now fill the rest with the same tool or use the original flatten ground tool , if it's telling you that area isn't enclosed by roads.
    NOTICE: Original flattern ground tool is VERY EXPENSIVE ( I used it, and it took me over 7.000.000 $ to create the whole mountain )
    5.When all area between roads is elevated create a new road on the top of the elevated ground. Place it close to the edge, but not too close!:


    6.Now fill the area between this two roads with original park area. It covers much more area and it's more effective than flatten tool from Dig Area Tool:


    Congratulations! You've just created the first level of the mountain! Repeat those six steps as long as you have any space between roads. The top of the mountain should look like this:


    Remember to layout the roads on the top not to close to the edge, otherwise step 6 could be a disaster.
    DO NOT delete the any road until you finish, even if the space between the two of them is already filled.
    To make the mountain even more realistic it's highly recommended to use only curved roads.
    Making a mountaing takes a really long time, it depends on how big is used surface and how tall is the mountain itself ( how many levels it's have ).
    The best road for use is the smallest pedestrian path ( the last one at the right in the pedestrian paths menu) - just because it takes smallest amount of space.:


    Step 6 is essential. Without it your mountain will lok like this:


    And that's how your mountain will look if you do those 6 steps several times and properly:

    BROKEN IMAGE:cry::cry::cry::cry:

    That's it! You can also make some slopes of the mountain more mild ( build the roads much further from the edge ):


    As you see you can make a road on the mountain. If you like you can build some vievpoints on the top, or a little lower, by using promenades ( from Asterian's Promenade Pack ) and you'll get an extra view on your city:


    If you dont want a mountain, but only a little hill make all 6 steps only once and, at step 5 build the road much further from the edge. Then you will be even able to build od the slope [​IMG]

    Hope I helped you with this and now everybody can make something like this:)
    If you have any questions and comments feel free to post here. I will answer, if i can [​IMG]