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Offices Hwatin Tower v1.50

Hwatin Tower is the highest building in Cities XL, it is higher than the Burj Dubai.Hwatin (华天)

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hwatin Tower is the highest building in Cities XL, it is higher than the Burj Dubai.Hwatin (华天) means "China Sky",so that you can call it China Sky Tower.

    This MOD is the first MOD in China,it is very hard for us to finish this MOD(Because we have not Chinese tutorial to learn about making MOD),I hope you can love this MOD.

    Thank a lot!

    MADE BY uokiok & Chesoz. www.simpross.com

    64674526201202111854002409850168399_000.jpg 64674526201202111854002409850168399_002.jpg 64674526201202111854002409850168399_003.jpg 64674526201202111854002409850168399_004.jpg 64674526201202111854002409850168399_005.jpg 12585685201202221323352647411066428_000.jpg 12585685201202221323352647411066428_001.jpg 12585685201202221323352647411066428_002.jpg 12585685201202221323352647411066428_003.jpg 12585685201202221323352647411066428_004.jpg


    Modified content:
    1. Improved building shadow
    2. Changed night scene
    3. Adjusted the position of tourists, no floating people
    4. Increased the number of street lamps
    5. Increased the number of bench

    Parallel publication on simcity.cn, simpross.com and xlnation.net.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):

Recent Reviews

  1. Kuodo
    Version: v1.50
    Great work, I love it!
  2. Reid Arnold
    Reid Arnold
    Version: v1.50
    yea go china!!!!!!!!!
  3. gseid87
    Version: v1.50
    I have it and recommend it