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CJ Hyperborea

The Alaskan City

  1. Veknor
    Hyperborea is a big city in fictive Alaska
    as the game keeps crashing I cant work on it anymore... so i decided to stop working on it a this point.. too bad tho i really enjoy it :(

    The Port is one of the major economic center because of its proximity to immense oil fields that can be found around the city out in the sea. it was designed to be the center of trades as well of oil. The architecture symbolically represents the Artdeco grandeur of the United States, in the continuity of NYC and Washington D.C. However, the architecture is cumbersome, overwhelming and designed to fit in a grid as the nature of the capitalist state. The purpose of the construction was international in scope and radiates the power of the govern ment. The relationship between politics and architecture is therefore bound by the aesthetic sublimation as a means of propaganda. The appropriation of public space by the ruling party, the listing of its symbols in urbanization and architecture also reminds the public nature of the regime of the area in which they operate



    1. gamescreen0001.jpg
    2. gamescreen0002.jpg
    3. gamescreen0005.jpg
    4. gamescreen0006.jpg
    5. gamescreen0007.jpg
    6. gamescreen0008.jpg
    7. gamescreen0009.jpg
    8. gamescreen0011.jpg
    9. gamescreen0012.jpg
    10. gamescreen0014.jpg
    11. gamescreen0015.jpg
    12. gamescreen0016.jpg
    13. gamescreen0017.jpg
    14. gamescreen0018.jpg
    15. gamescreen0019.jpg
    16. gamescreen0021.jpg
    17. gamescreen0022.jpg
    18. gamescreen0023.jpg
    19. levelscreen0002.jpg
    20. levelscreen0004.jpg
    21. gamescreen0025.jpg
    22. gamescreen0026.jpg
    23. gamescreen0029.jpg
    24. gamescreen0032.jpg
    25. gamescreen0037.jpg
    26. gamescreen0038.jpg
    27. gamescreen0039.jpg
    28. gamescreen0040.jpg
    29. gamescreen0042.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    Veknor, that looks really good. I give you a motivating 5-star-rating. A pity it crashed. I like the airport and the harbor, the suburbs really fit into the look of the city. Well done.
  2. solo
    nice city, seems a bit large for Alaska, Where did you get this map?
    1. Veknor
      Author's Response
      Skull613 kindly made me this map and it currently available on xl nation... oh and i specified the city was built in" fictionnal" Alaska