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CJ Indastria

Old industrial city with a severe reorganizing

  1. fanattiq
    Indastria or Industria was an old industrial city with a large tradition on heavy factories. In the late 1980 and beginning of 1990, Indastria pass over a large and severe restructuring, changing all its downtown and developing new suburbs as well as its new port.


    Detail of the main access to the harbour when the city's asleep:

    New highways more accurate for their purpose were build and new green areas as well.

    It is planned a regional airport to be built in the nearby of the motorway towards the east.

    New residential areas, with green areas have been built next to the old industrial zones and in the proximities of highways.


    A new maritime front can offer a new way of relaxation to its citizens.

    Other views:
    gamescreen0120.jpg gamescreen0119.jpg gamescreen0118.jpg gamescreen0117.jpg gamescreen0116.jpg gamescreen0114.jpg gamescreen0112.jpg gamescreen0111.jpg gamescreen0109.jpg gamescreen0108.jpg gamescreen0107.jpg gamescreen0102.jpg gamescreen0100.jpg gamescreen0099.jpg gamescreen0097.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    It looks promising, but there are some points that
    I think you could improve rather easily:
    For avoiding such hilly running roads, you could
    use the Over Water Roads by pharmist, there the terrain gets already
    terraformed when placing them.
    Also, you could do similar for the RHM, and also avoid pillars
    on roads below, too.
    I really like the layout of your city in general, it looks rather organic,
    that is very nice!!!
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      I use it, really. But when I plop a house, then the terrain gets deformed again, perhaps I must do backwards, first houses and after that roads, but in a hill is almost impossible for me. I don't think this were something I could improve. I will do that what you are saying about RHM and pillars, but I haven't enough clear that point.
  2. harrysbird
    keep it up
    Great job
    1. fanattiq
  3. IcyHot
    Nice job, I like how your roads follow the contours of the hills. They look more realistic that way. Can't give a 5 yet since for that you need a nice Journal :)
    1. fanattiq
      Author's Response
      Thanks IcyHot. I will look for improving my Journals. I will try to look at same good ones over here.