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CJ Ipanema - WIP

First Timer

  1. cruise85
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    This is my first time that i started building city using Mods.. I am struggling to work on RHM, so at the end i always messed up with traffic..

    You comments are highly appreciated!

    I would also like to pay my respect to the great modders out here who had made a dead game into a lively one.


    1. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_10.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_9.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_7.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_6.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_5.jpg
    6. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_1.jpg
    7. cxl_screenshot_ipanema_0.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I really like your terraces and parks. Where did you find the arch and the towers? What about the arcology-like apartments?
    1. cruise85
      Author's Response
      Thanks Steve.. Its a very basic work & will soon upload my other CJ. .. Arch & towers are from XXL mods which you can find on this website.
    Nice start´╝îplacing those buildings randomly could be more realistic.You should try to avoid common buildings at the same district. Keep it up!
    1. cruise85
      Author's Response
      OMG.. I had used your map to build this city & getting a coment from your side is quite encouraging.. Will keepon improving!
  3. ObelicS
    Some good ideas you have there. But if you wonna make realistic city then you have to be more " unplanned " and " chaotic ". Urbanism is live thing, so you need to adapt buidling style, street layout, greenery etc for places they represent. Skyline is a bit futuristic for my taste. Also try avoiding unfinished shots when taking pictures.
    For RHM there are some really good tutorials and its not so hard after catching basics, I suggest practice on blank map.
    Hope I helped :) Cheers !
    1. cruise85
      Author's Response
      Thanks Buddy.. I will definately keep track of all your point.. I had just started playing this game & hopefully try to improve my planning skills
  4. loren banovic
    loren banovic
    It's nice, but i feel it needs more variety. Try to use more more different models.
    1. cruise85
      Author's Response
      Thanks very much for your suggestion.. I will definitely in my next updates