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CJ Kasol - Work in Progress

A planned city with some great holiday destination

  1. swhusain85
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    cxl_screenshot_goa_2.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_3.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_4.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_5.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_6.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_7.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_9.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_10.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_11.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_12.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_13.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_14.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_15.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_16.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_17.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_18.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_19.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_20.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_21.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_22.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_23.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_24.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_25.jpg cxl_screenshot_goa_26.jpg This is my first city journal as i was quite new to the game but totally hooked up.. Thanks to all the great modders here..

    After preparing my first city i realized that its quite planned.However a normal city looks more chaotic which i understood after i had already invested in this CJ. Hopefully my next CJ will be better.

    Thanks & appreciate your suggestions!!


    1. cxl_screenshot_goa_27.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_goa_28.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_goa_29.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_goa_30.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_goa_31.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. benhur1967
    Very monumental city! Good job!
  2. yu450146219
    Beach texture can you give me? I find for a long time, you can send links to me, I go to download
    1. swhusain85
  3. ObelicS
    As you already said, its too well planned for real city. Google maps helps a lot for learning how to build chaotic things, and the rest is imagination. But i can see some nice ideas there. And not bad photo editing.
    Looking forward to your next projects !
    Its 5 stars for motivation :)
    Keep up the good work ;)
    1. swhusain85
      Author's Response
      Thanks Obelics..I am infact a big fan of your CJ's.. Googlema suggestion is indeed great

  4. secpol
    Очень слабо! Изучайте работы выдающихся людей сайта. Я даю вам пять звёзд авансом, только потому, что вы новичок, все когда-то начинали!