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CJ Katania (second part)

Katania The second Part of The Pearl Sea

  1. Lord-Katania
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL Platinum
    Katania's Independence attract new problems to the young republic.Some of this problems today are still visible.The Government of the State of Katania was established after the Transitional Government with Joao Sarouza as president.He established new rules.The elites paid just a small tax of 1% while the unskilled workers paid 33%.This was a maneuver to obligate the poor to abandon the city and convert Katania into an elite paradise.The 10 Families(families which own the 10 biggest companies of the city) gane the power and started to cut the rights of their workers.This and the corruption gave place to The Dignity Revolution and the changes in municipal government.The Patriot Socialist Party reached the power and started to change much things.The 10 Families was obligated to pay 250$ million for the unskilled workers which was obligated to abandon the city. cxl_screenshot_katania_326.jpg
    The Unskilled workers are much times discriminated in Katania.In a photo we can see a unskilled worker's residence with elites and exeutives residences around. cxl_screenshot_katania_318.jpg
    View of Katania.Near the coast live(Litoral) the rich people and the upper middle classes.The hill's districts are reserved for working class cxl_screenshot_katania_295.jpg
    One of 18 bussiness areas of Katania.
    The Katanian political drama is well known in international newspapers.Zhinedine Armand the governor of the city since 2009 fought against the 10 families was poisoned in a restaurant by one of the businessman.After what the fight between middle classes and the elite got worse.The fight of the power in Katania is a legendary battle without winners.
    However all the people in the city wants to demonstrate class and wealthy.
    Katania can be described as a conservative elitistand highly patriotic city. cxl_screenshot_katania_274.jpg Maritime Avenue home to hotels and leisure for youth.
    Katania is a city of big opportunities.Katania gives job to 3 million people. cxl_screenshot_katania_285.jpg View of the Victory's Square around.
    Thanks for reading! i will apreciate much your rating and review.


    1. cxl_screenshot_katania_308.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Inan
    You have - as mentioned - a lack of mods, hence the city looks a bit monotonous to me. But you have used the map in a good way and added a nice story. 4 stars are more than ok for both CJ of Katania (next time try to just edit the CJ you have instead of making a 2nd).
  2. toop
    good job, what I noticed strange and that your town doesn't have viaducts and you need Mods.
  3. Eduardo Moura
    Eduardo Moura
    You need more mods, good job.
  4. Игорь
    nothing special
    like the story which makes the city looks more real.
  6. nicko2u
    love the satellite photo looks real.