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CJ [KCJM2020] HAOJIN CITY 1.0 浩鲸湾.度假胜地 1.0

A holiday city between the beautiful shores where you can see whales(一片仿佛能看见鲸鱼的美丽海岸间的度假之城)

  1. 陪都三爷
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    levelscreen0026AB.jpg New works are released in July and there are friendly exchanges between urban planning and urban planning. The map of the China Regional Competition: between the two coasts.

    Theme: resort.

    HAOJIN CITY basic information
    Area: 100 square kilometers.
    GDP: $82.1 billion.
    Subway operation lines: 6.
    Major University: Haojin University.
    Railway station: (Haowhale Bay Station) under construction.
    Airport: Haojin Kunyu International Airport.
    Port: Haojin International Port.

    Ranking of pillar industries:
    1. High-tech industry.
    2. Holiday industry.
    3. Financial industry.
    4. Transportation service industry.
    5. High-end manufacturing industry.

    Administrative divisions:
    Haojin Ancient District (government residence).
    Haohai District (Bay CBD and Bay Bridge).
    Pearl Lake District (Holiday Core area).
    Kunyu District (Hao Whale Kunyu International Airport).
    Whale South District (Olympic Park).
    Yushan District (Binhai high-end residential area)

    A holiday city between the beautiful shores where you can see whales. levelscreen0025.jpg levelscreen0026AB.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_473.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_540.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_413.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_482.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_483.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_481.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_445.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_532.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_510.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_152.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_380.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_383.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_497.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_419.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_426.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_387.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_71.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_270.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_504.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_226.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_122.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_458.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_22.jpg cxl_screenshot_huidu_149.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rodyna
    Simply awesome!!
    1. 陪都三爷