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I present the city of KENT, located north-east of the united states of america

  1. Drazicdesign
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hello Everyone, :)

    I present the city of KENT, located north-east of the united states of america, between New York and the city of Montreal at canda, It has a little more than 1.270.000 souls, Originally derives its name from one of the English Colonnais tribes, the Cantiaci. A major historical, cultural and artistic center in the United States, Kent is also a major industrial city, with the location of its port on the Utave River flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

    Founded in 1568, it was the eighteenth century the most populous city of the thirteen colonies before becoming for a time the capital of the United States and fuel for a few decades the financial and political rivalry between New York and Kent, before to be overshadowed by his rival and then lose his status as capital to Washington.

    Kent is now the largest metropolis in the state of Pennsylvania, whose capital is Harrisburg, but also the county seat of Kent.

    Also, Kent International Airport, is the largest airport in the state of Pennsylvania and in the Utave Valley, lies about 9 kilometers southwest of downtown KENT. In 2014, KENT International Airport served 15.6 million passengers. The airport has three terminals and two runways. In total, about 15 airlines operate flights between Kent and 110 destinations. This includes 30 international destinations in North America, the Caribbean, Central America, Europe and the Middle East. There are several means of public transportation in KENT including the KMT Monorail line that connects the airport with downtown Kent, as well as several KMT bus lines.

    In recent months, I have had some free time to continue building this city!

    I took the opportunity to make some new neighborhoods, and a general video presentation of the city of KENT.

    In the coming weeks I will be sharing other photos of the city.

    I hope you enjoy this city journal!

    Before watching this video presentation, I invite you to watch it with audio sound.
    Indeed this video is punctuated by the music that accompanies it




















    Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment on this city paper!

    Of course, I will be supplementing this city journal in the coming weeks and months!
    I thank you for your patience!:whistle::whistle:


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Recent Reviews

  1. ObelicS
    Best project here on xln. From city realism and details to presentation, story and pics. Congratz!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment,
      Glad to see you here,
      Hope you find the time to share a new city diary, even on Cities Skylines!
      With your talent, you will make a new masterpiece!
  2. zenozone
    No words also the movie! ) big work Draz!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      Great! Thanks dude for your review!
  3. Rodyna
    The coolest city i ever seen!!!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      I thank you for your kind words
  4. Thijs
    This is very impressive. So damn realistic and detailed!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      As you have perfectly pointed out, realism is for me the priority in the construction of my cities!

      In any case, a real joy to read your comment!
  5. Peter912
    Everything is amazing but wow that interchange is so silky smooth it's so amazing
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      Wow Peter912,

      It is a real pleasure to read your comment!

      Thank you
  6. Isaiascr
    Wow, it's amazing. How did you do it to build the tunnels? I'v searched for tunnels for my city and I haven't found them
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment!

      I answer you in the discussion thread
    probably the best video of XL I've ever seen. Also, the city is stunning too!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      My dear friend Xouste,
      thank you also for your comment,
      Like me, like Kipate, like Project_oz, you are passionate about city builder.
      and you've been there for so many years.

      Thank you and above all continue your excellent work on Cities Skylines

      However, I do not despair of seeing you again on Cities XXL ...
  8. kipate
    Adorable, probably the best city I have ever seen!
    I will post a more evaluated review when I have time for doing so :)
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      My dear friend Kipate,
      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my city.

      And I know we both love; all realistic city projects
      I hope you find the time to share one of your new creations!
  9. Project_Oz
    Excellent!! You built very interesting things.

    - the most fascinating thing in the city are the roads and bridges, perfectly built.
    - in Pyne Point, i liked the country road (which mod is it?), highlights the suburb.

    - power plant zone, especially the crane that almost enters the water (the building with big chimneys is the power plant from the game or it is a mod?)

    - the power lines (mod name please)

    - gas stations, I like how you enlarged them.

    - i would like to see better, the warehouse built between the power plant and the shopping center and the building on the river where the power line starts.

    Airport Kenedy is beautiful (I'm not a fan of custom airport), but I really like what you built around the airport.

    - in the 2nd picture, posted in the Airport Kenedy section, In my opinion, this area is the most beautiful part of the city (I didn't see that the pillar of the monorail line is over a car)

    - very interesting thing, on the right side of the airport, between the runway and the buildings, the grass looks destroyed. How did you manage to do that? what mod did you use? seems so real ...

    - you didn't post but I know you built the rocky area here.

    - at 12 second on the video, is there a mine on the right? It looks interesting, can you post some close up pictures?

    - in the first picture in the Airport section, on the left side of the airport and just above the flying plane you put the same building several times. I liked. Please post a close-up picture.


    - at the bridge that connects the airport to the downtown, the pillar protection is too long

    - in Pyne Point the shopping center (maybe it's something else) it is a building too big for the suburb

    Lastly, I know that here at xlnation it is important to have a big airport and it is really a bonus to have but for me the airport is too big compared to the city.

    Congratulations on the video!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      What a pleasure to read your comment!
      I answer your questions in the discussion thread.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!
  10. succhiaforte
    Fantastic job!!!
    1. Drazicdesign
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your comment!