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CJ King's Landing

The capital city of The Seven Kingdoms

  1. teddiursa00
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    King's Landing is the capital city of The Seven Kingdoms where The King of the Andals and the First Men lives and rules. It is the largest city in the Seven Kingdoms with population reached more than 1 million, the first city in Westeros (and maybe in the Known World) to have 1 milion population. The founder of this city, Aegon I Targaryen the Conqueror. Mostly, the city grows with the dynasty of House Targaryen untill Robert's Rebellion or The War of the Usurper ended their dynasty. Now, King's Landing is the homoe of Tommen I Baratheon, the Boy King after the death of his father Robert Baratheon and his brother Joffrey Baratheon.

    King's Landing is known for it's monumental buildings like The Red Keep, Great Sept of Baelor, Dragonpit, The Royal Dome Arena, and it's two main port: Dragonport, and Stoneport.

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    Current King, Tommen Baratheon and Queen Margaery Tyrell

    King's Landing map.
    The city is separated to several areas and connected to wide roads enough to support the population, the transportation of wagons, horses and even army's movement. From The Six Gate to Dragonport stretches long street that connects five big plazas. The five plazas works as the main activity area, often merchants from another kingdom or from Essos continent sells it's goods in plazas near Rhaenys's Land or Port Area.

    Many of the unfortune, the poor, beggar, lives mostly in The Flea Bottom surrounding the rock hills and lives near the walls, or outside the walls massed at the front of The Six Gate. Meanwhile the high lords and the rich usually found at Aegon's Land, Tourney Area, and Rhaenys Land.

    The Red Keep seen from The Horn

    "It's easy to get lost in the vastness of King's Landing, but all you have to do is look up if you want to go to The Red Keep."
    King's Landing is not "King's Landing" without The Red Keep. Towering high in the Southern part of King's Landing, The Red Keep is doubtlessly the greatest castle ever built in Westeros. It is so high that you can see the summit of this castle far beyond the wall of The Six Gate. The Red Keep is the place of King, Queen, and his/her family, the councils, lords from many kingdoms, everything that governs The Seven Kingdoms.

    The Red Keep is located in Aegon's Land area. It is separated into two part. In front of the castle is the Royal Court, a vast open area where citizens of King's Landing gathers and where many events held like when Royal Announcement declared eventhough it's usually announced in the Throne Room. The execution of criminals also can held in this court besides Great Sept of Baelor.

    The second part is the castle itself. It contains gardens, Maegor's Holdfast, Rhaenys's Tower, and several buildings for royal purpose. Wedding feasts usually held here, if it's only for royal family, high lords, the rich, and invitation. Towering high above the gardens, is the Maegor's Holdfast, the tallest building in King's Landing. This is where Tommen's room located and from there you can see whole King's Landing from heights.

    The Red Keep is guarded with mainly army of City Watch, and also the sworn brotherhood of the mighty golden-armored knights of Kingsguard. Often, The Red Keep is teemed with guards from many lords, usually the Lannister soldier. Besides the swords and the walls, The Red Keep is heavily guarded by it's natural defense. Guarding from the West to South of the castle, lies great mountains of sharp coral rocks called The Horn. In the East lies the rocky bay where The King's Landing meet the Narrow Sea. The bay is too narrow and deadly for big ships they usually sheltered at the mouth of the bay. And besides all of them, the dense jungle of stone houses of King's Landing will trouble the march of army when they sacked the city.

    Tommen sees the King's Landing from it's room in Maegor's Holdfast.

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    "The Crown, and The Faith, are the twin pillars that holds up this world. If one collapses, so does the other." - Tommen Baratheon
    Built on the reign of King Baelor the Blessed, Great Sept of Baelor is a large sept for the people who believe The Seven Gods in the city. The Seven was introduced to Westeros after the Andals started to settle in Westeros. It is consists of seven gods: The Father, The Mother, The Maiden, The Crone, The Warrior, The Smith, and The Stranger. The Seven became the majority faith of people in Southern Westeros.

    Great Sept of Baelor built on Visenya's Hill, and it is the second tallest building in King's Landing after the Red Keep, and also it is located in the middle of the city. Royal events often held in this sept. The wedding of the King and Queen always held in this place. Their funeral, and their family's funeral (if they wished to) also held in this sept. Joffrey Baratheon, Tywin Lannister and Myrcella Baratheon was buried here, while Robert Baratheon wished to be buried in Storm's End, seat of House Baratheon. Recently, Great Sept of Baelor was handled by High Sparrow who introduced it's new Faith Militant system. Recent events that took in Great Sept of Baelor was the trial and the Walk of Atonement of King's Mother, Cersei Lannister.

    Inside the sept.

    The trial of Ser Loras Tyrell.

    *I used the Berlin Cathedral as Great Sept of Baelor*

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    King's Landing and Oldtown is a busy port city, but Oldtown will never be as populous as King's Landing.
    Besides the land route of Kingsroad, King's Landing is also aided with it's two big port: Dragonport, the bigger one, and Stoneport, the smaller one. While Stoneport is often carry goods for royal purposes since it's near The Red Keep, Dragonport often called "The World" since many merchants and their goods from many different region is landed. King's Landing is the main gateway of goods from Essos and Westeros itself. Ships comes from East, North and South teeming outside the dangerous coral rocks of King's Landing peninsula. Both port is heavily guarded with sea walls and it's natural defense of coral rocks.

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    There's nothing would please the realm more than a tournament, and a great tournament needs a great venues too.

    Along with The Tourney Grounds beyond the wall, Royal Dome Arena also hosts the tournament events. While the jousting and sword fights mainly held in The Tourney Grounds, here in Royal Dome Arena, is the place where the best warriors fought. Surrounding the arena is a vast open plaza where tents and pavilions stood when a tournament is held. The shape of the plaza is a star represents the symbol of the Faith of the Seven, which is a seven pointed star.

    The Star Plaza and The Dome seen from above, when tournament it will looks colorful with hundreds to thousands of tents and pavilions.

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    I will develop area beyond the wall of King's Landing
    into medieval style towns or villages with fields and open area, and a little forest. Also, I will post more pictures of King's Landing itself, especially The Red Keep since I realized that it lacks of pictures and I'm too lazy to take it before I finished this journal.



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  2. cuco
    Great and original job !
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    I don't like Game of thrones, but i really appreciate such cities, based on real cities or like in your case, on a tv series. Very good job!
  4. Thrangar
    Great presentation and great city, the only thing keeping you from 5 stars is the mod limitations, but that's the games fault, still I have seen better cities because of better city theme choice...really highlights the need for more themed mods...great work
    1. teddiursa00
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I really appreciate it. Yes it takes time and hard thinking to place some building and keeps the medieval "King's Landing" style city.
  5. parisenforce
    very creative and fine work!
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    Abandon Ship
    This must have taken weeks to lay out so properly (and probably the pulling of some hair). You have done a great job, and have built a beautiful city. I like the story, too.
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    the city is not so fantastic, but you made it in CXL!!
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    Big Meany Mean
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    Looks amazing and detailed a lot. You deserve the 5 stars, great work!