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CJ Kingstone

A city with a rich past, bright present and promising future :) The city is not completed!!!!

  1. Dobryy.89
    Копия.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_210.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_212.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_213.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_214.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_219.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_220.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_223.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_224.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_225.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_260.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_226.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_233.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_234.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_235.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_236.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_241.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_244.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_251.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_256.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_276.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_266.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_267.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_270.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_271.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_274.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_275.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_227.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_239.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_268.jpg cxl_screenshot_Кингстоун_228.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kris2604
    I really like this city with all of the hard work, put in it!
  2. nicknick
    That's exceptional and very well thought.
  3. Wibi
    Had to agree with the other commenters, a beautiful city, well planned out, but overshadowed by empty (unfinished?) spaces. Planting some trees would have at least sufficed!
  4. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    4 stars due those ugly empty spaces...fill them up with TREES!!! :D
  5. dlimpens
    very nice, very realistic
  6. ExileOnMainSt
    My Russian is not very good... but I will say this: великолепно!
    1. Dobryy.89
      Author's Response
      Thank you!)))
  7. Thrangar
    I gave it a 4 as an average of .

    5 for the city
    3 for the CJ you rally do a disservice to the city without a good CJ

    The city itself is very good and has a real organic feel to it, I also get a personality with the city

    good job
  8. Skytopjf
    Amazing city, looks a lot like a European city, very realistic
  9. ode1299
    Very nice planning and gorgeous details
  10. Monty
    Beautiful city! Great job.