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Offices KLI63 (DLI63) Seoul 0.9 0.9 - 06/27/2012

Original author KR153

  1. KR153
    Soooo, here it is: The Golden Tower, my very first real mod. The reason this is the 0.9 version is because i still have no LODs finished. Though I´m planning to do so in the near future I won´t have time for that in the following 3- 4 weeks. It hasn´t that many polygons anyway (708) but you should be aware. This was tested only with CXL 2012 but it should work on any other version, too.
    The model itself is based on a sketchup warehouse model from Pathompong Sumklam that I modified with some more details and a totally new texture. Since I´m very new to this it still is full of little booboos but I did the best I could at the moment. Enough excuses now... Here are some in game pics:
    25005667.jpg 68471212.jpg 53413635.jpg 78207371.jpg 49418034.jpg
    The real Thingy:
    I´d like to thank the academy... no, wait, that was my Oscar speech...
    Much thanks go out to Master Obi Wan Montoto for his inavaluable and relentless help, aitortilla and karaaib for their warehouse importing tutorials, user and discopolis for their tutorials and Altiris for his awesome work. Also to my fellow modders here at XLNation (simply too many to name) and in China who were a constant inspiration and who keep this game alive (in your face, MC and Focus!) and of course to Hyperwolf for the Easy Mod and giving us all a home here. At least I´d like to thank SOME guys (don´t know your namesat Monte Cristo who actually did a great job, I´m sure you´re pissed, too.

    Just in case you´re windering what comes next from me: Can´t tell. I´m planning on some low rise/ mid rise residentials and some special buildings. Also I´m planning a "secret project" with another mod team member.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    User Interface Mod
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Recent Reviews

  1. Kitsunebi
    Version: 0.9 - 06/27/2012
    This is a great addition for me... and I love the golden colour of this building!
  2. gseid87
    Version: 0.9 - 06/27/2012
    A must have
  3. OokamiChan
    Version: 0.9 - 06/27/2012
    It looks really good. If you could add the info for how many triangels each LOD have. Then I could be happy to. Keep up the good work. =)
  4. Pamascus27
    Version: 0.9 - 06/27/2012
    For a first mod, you really did a great job. It still looks fantastic and detailed, just like how it is IRL, I just hope you'll get those LODs finished. Thanks mate :)