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CJ Królewiec


  1. niziol27
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    ddddd.jpg cxl_screenshot_królewiec wielki_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_królewiec wielki_21 — Odzyskano.jpg cxl_screenshot_królewiec wielki_37.jpg
    To be continued
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Recent Reviews

    there should be a story for the 3rd pic ;)
    1. niziol27
      Author's Response
      This is just a trailer. I assure you that soon there will be a story not only of the capital, but also of those cities that border it. In one city I have a gigantic nuclear power plant, and in the other, a spaceport. All I have to finish and improve in photoshop :) I invite you soon
  2. Heyan
    My English is poor. So if you cannot understand, i am sorry.
    I need more Some pictures outlining the city as a whole.You can upload some pictures of aerial view.The picture processing is wonderful.
    1. niziol27
      Author's Response
      this city is very big anf often crash but the rest coming soon