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CJ La Boheme

City of artists

  1. Storm Dust
    This city is still under development stage.

    Artiste Beach
    - Home to the burgeoning elite of the city
    - The icon of La Boheme
    - A tourist district
    - Many retail and dining options are situated in this district


    La Boheme Central Business District
    - Features a triangular park which houses the underground central metro station
    - Composed of three sub-district: the financial (banks, stock exchange, offices), administrative (La Boheme City Hall, La Boheme Courthouse, administrative offices), entertainment (La Boheme Central Plaza, The Central Luxury Mall, casinos, hotels, The Palette observation tower and revolving restaurant, Rose Garden Center Coliseum)


    Matisse Hills
    - One of the many suburbs in the city

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Recent Reviews

  1. gary
    Looks great , love the beach front
  2. Josephlonde
    Good, i want to see more ;)
  3. sadiemydog
    Looks imcradible with the hills and the skyline. Looks really Argentinia look like. Nice.
  4. Mrvoltura
    a whole load of soul is put in this