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CJ La Seca

La Seca, the Las Vegas of Cities XL

  1. SP43K
    Hello my name is and I just SP43K Forum Generation City, as my colegue Myname I present a city one can different from what I usually do. La Seca, La Seca is a city in the trendiest Las Vegas mix with Dubai.

    I'll let you see some pictures :




    Thank you ! and sorry for my english ^^
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Recent Updates

  1. New photo :

Recent Reviews

  1. IcyHot
    Its a nice city but not much of a story about the city
  2. snick
    Looks unique. I like that it has that Dubai feel but doesn't have an over-exaggerated skyline; look forward to seeing more. :)
    1. SP43K
      Author's Response
      Oh thank's ! :D
  3. locko
    Good job colegue ;)
    1. SP43K
      Author's Response
      Thank you colegue! :D
  4. streetsofny
    Look like promising! I hope to see more pictures!! :D
    1. SP43K
      Author's Response
      Thank you very mutch ! :D