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CJ Laires Metropole

--==The city of 8 cities=-- Living, driving, sports & united religions.

  1. msFiorentina
    Laires Metropole
    "The City of 8 Cities"

    Explanation of thoughts:
    It will take some time to fill the page but i am working on it. City still isnt finished, mainly because I spend a lot of time in details. I am finishing the city but I am already putting pictures online, just in case....

    1 - The (first)idea was that I would have a big city, just divided in 8 sections and a center. I would just build what would come in to my mind for each section. Like building a city in ach section. Because of a slow computer I was starting with 3 sections only
    The sections are numbered in the order i was starting with the section.
    The center would include lots of sports so I planted al stadiums there. But after a while I decided I should have something else, so I put a big square in the middle (a circle!!) and surrounded it with all kinds of religious buildings from all over the world.
    All religions could come togehter in one place! (Of course this game doesnt have all the various religious buildings so just use some fanta)

    2 - The second thing was to have a perfect road grid for a metropole without the typical metropolic trafficjams. Thats why there are a lot of electronic traffic informationsigns (Didnt included them everywhere because they only have 1 LOD, but the blue signs above the road are already in place).
    Lots of hedges and fences for a more realistic on-road approach. I also use tunnels. I really like them. The bridges in this game, compared to the buildings, are too big for me.
    I know we have a lot of choices with roads in this game but still I would like something else than 2 trafficlights with my 8 lane roads and no zebra-crossings when the road is 50m wide please!

    *************picture ugly road

    3 - I also wanted to beat gta san andreas or nfs underground cities or whatever. Thanx to the avatar mode and the fact that you could ride along with cars made it so my little nephew would walk in my city just exploring and me tagging along cars.

    4 - Another thing is I wanted to let people see you dont have to have a city with all skyscrapers in one place and the highest in the middle. The important thing was with placing all buildings was that I did consider that people are looking out of windows, so there there is always enough space between high buildings. So MY metropole is no jungle of buildings. It a coördinated big city.

    5 - As I progressed, new buildings came out, more experience and new idea's like my "hunter x hunter" blimb airport in section 8, or the cirkel district between section 5 and 6.

    Feel free to steal lots of my ideas!!!
    I have divided the city pictures into 18 different categories

    So please enjoy the pictures my city project. I claim it to be the best gridded city with life.
    ***I am still updating this with pictures***
    -Overview & Sat(3 pictures)
    Transportation Art[​IMG][​IMG]
    This is it boys, a piece of Coresant (star wars)[​IMG]
    -Relax & Religious Center(2 pictures)
    The center of the city. Here is where all religions of the entire world come together in one place.** Talk about setting the best peace example on this planet! (Thank you Laires Metropole)
    Including rival sport teams in one place, there is no hooligan fighting here because we know whats more important: drinking beer together with religious people who do not drink beer but something else.... (historical words)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    ** There is already a place like this in the world, its the keizerstraat in Suriname the only place in the world where muslim, jews and christians holy place are next to each other.

    -Residental Ring
    (6 pictures)
    You want to live in the center? Well this is it! If you want to live 'downtown' ya gots ta live 'ere.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Section 1 "You Are Here..." (3 pictures)
    Here is where it all began. Section 1, started to build from the border with section 2 it looked very promising from the start. Lots of building combinations tryouts here.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Section 2 "The Crystal City..."(7 pictures)
    I wanted a nice looking Crystal City with a nice road leading to it. What about some small neighbourhoods around it... I think so too, lets do it![​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG]
    Beautiful buidings with the most beautiful flags in the world.
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Section 3 "A New City Center..."(1 picture)
    Section 3 and three bigger neigbourhoods with of course, the football club![​IMG]
    -Section 4 "Extended Play..."(4 pictures)
    Section 4 to the left side. Because it is next to Section 1 it was the idea to have the same kind of gridded neighbourhoods. Only this time in an advanced version as you can see with the lake and the bridges.[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Section 5 "A Skilled Connection..."(4 pictures)
    I needed a lot of skilled workers so I came up with this idea: Connect them with skybridges!! Its a nice part to drive through (check the second video)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Section 6 "The Village People..."(2 picture)
    Here was a small village of 400 people. living in peace untill mister Laires decided to transform his little town into a giant city. U can still find the little town in the city....
    -Section 7 "....."(empty)
    -Section 8 "....."(empty)
    -Business Rings(1 picture)
    The business rings surrounds the Relax and Religious Center and second it surrounds the Residental Ring
    -Business Parks & Districts(3 pictures)
    Various business parks districts throughout the city. Among them are the famous four business parks surrounding the business ring.

    Mirrors Edge Industries
    [​IMG] First Freedoms Plaza
    State of Laires Military[​IMG]
    -Football & Sports(2 pictures)
    Section 2 large football area[​IMG]Section 5 sports area
    -Roads(5 pictures)
    Because the city of Laires Metropole is all about roads and no traffic jams, Ill have to show the world how the roads look right?
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    -Details(3 pictures)
    Selfmade lakes with shores, creeks, small neighbourhood 'bridges', road bridges... you name it![​IMG] [​IMG] Sandy paths, shores, fence-combo's
    -Media(2 videos)
    Timelapse I (city at 45%)

    Timelapse II -compilation- (city at 60%)

    Thank you for watching...

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  1. Various extras 16th may 2015

Recent Reviews

  1. OmniusPrime
    Beautiful layout and picture story showing this excellent city in full detail.
  2. Jotape
    Looks great, I like the mix of buildings and the neighbourhoods. Very creative!
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much.
      I liked experimenting with the mix of buildings.
  3. Samuel Monteiro
    Samuel Monteiro
    How do I have wide avenues (8 scroll tracks)?
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
  4. Artmaster
    Very futuristic. I like the creativity behind it, you must've had fun making this city!
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your review! Yes I have had very much fun, got a story with every neighbourhood. Like I am raised here hahaha!
  5. gary
    It looks just so cool
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Yes this game looks amazing when u build a lot!
  6. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your vote!
  7. SOUL Productions
    SOUL Productions
    Unique, creative, and full of detail. I can appreciate that. I really like the circular road layout you chose, I personally like symmetric cites, however they do tend to look better from above, but ether way this is a truely unique masterpiece.
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you thank you! Try to make it as living as possible!
  8. ObelicS
    Il give u 5 stars man cause I appreciate ur work, skill and time put into this city.
    There are lots of others creations in this community rated more higher then ur city but arent worth much cause ppl are reviewing their own taste, not dedication to work.
    So even that Im not fan of "unreal" cities, this is 5 stars for me ! :)
    Btw, im not sure if u will be able to fill whole map w/o errors game crashes, gl with that :)
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you!!
      And yes I put a lot of effort in this. The game crashes after 8 or 9 auto-saves now, so a lot of the save-file trick ;).
      Indeed some people apply rules to this game that do not exist, hahaha!
      ...was hoping I could port the city to XXL...
  9. Scheikowski
    I liked it, good work.
    1. msFiorentina
  10. Ze_Doc
    this is interesting.... sat view pictures are really impressive and it should be very interesting to detail your stats.....only 3 stars cause from close geometrical shapes doesn t give good screenshots and there s too much repetition, i guess it s not my favorite type of cities but you ve got some special skills for sure ! ^^
    1. msFiorentina
      Author's Response
      Thank you!
      Please try this map and try not to be repetitive ;D hahaha