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CJ Laketown

A lakeside city inspired by Chicago

    Game Version:
    • Cities: Skylines
    Welcome to Laketown, a city full of diverse cultures, friendly people and greenery. I've been trying to create vibes of relaxing, summertime and urban living, a city that is not just a concrete world but a nicer place to live in. Even though this city is still working in process, more updates is coming whenever I have the free time!

    3.29 2020 Edited: Statue removed, thanks to Kipate for his suggestion.

    Screenshot 283.png

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    Screenshot 155.png
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    Rocky falls

    Screenshot 232.png

    Screenshot 254.png

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    1. Screenshot 280.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Mr.X²
    Wow, this city looks amazing! I just started playing Cities Skylines and am wondering how many years it took to master that game this way
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks! There are several YouTubers making tutorial on modding and building tips, you might find them helpful. They don't use forum like we do with CXL anymore haha
  2. kipate
    Five stars, excellent work so far :)

    First, I have to say that I like it that you kept your style, your way of building a city, deapite having changed the game. There are lots of similarities between this city and your previous urban areas!

    Generally, I love the city's style. It looks a bit like a mixture of several Nothern American cities, concerning the city's layout and urban style. Lots of parking lots here and there, huge expressways, that's impressive :)

    Of course, as always, your level of decoration is fabulous, I like the way you detailed the area around the buildings close to the coastal cliffs, outstanding job!

    The only thing that I probably dislike is the Colossus statue... eyerolling :'D
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Hahahahaha that statue is a little weird tho
  3. Inan
    Thanks for this great content! It really shows the advantages of C:S. I love the buiding complexes in the rocks, the waterfalls and the city itself is a classic and fantastic metropolis by XOUSTE...great achievement and ideas!
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Thank you Inan! This city is influenced a lot by your creative ideas in your cities, I always worship your works on this site!
  4. Anonymous
    Good looking city. Only complaint is that it was built in Cities: Skylines.
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      As much as I loved Cities XL, Cities:Skylines is the dream come true when we have the flexibility of building and editing things with mods in game, which is the whole point of this genre of game, building a world that we want, not just limited to what we've got in vanilla game. I'm not saying that Cities XL is a bad game because it's a sad thing that we haven't got any update since 2015 and the developer might have already abandoned it for the bad reputation and bad selling of Cities XXL. Man I gotta move on, but I love this community, I love to share my cities with you guys, not that I want to show off how Cities:Skylines is better than Cities XL.
  5. Drazicdesign
    A great achievement. As usual, you're good at building cities!

    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the kind words!! Can't say that I'm really good at building cities, but I'm definitely good at building a city based on my own imagination and expectations!
  6. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    Clean work, good job
    1. XOUSTE
      Author's Response
      Thank you! Everyone loves a cleaner environment, no?