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Tutorial Language Localization Files

Language Localization Files

  1. nicko2u
    I will try to explain this the best I can in my terms as a hobby modder, and I presume you already understand the basics of modding CXL. (sure this tut will need refining let me know)

    Basically if you wish to add custom text to your in game menu interface icons and larger info panels you will need to add some extra custom tags to your class files and localization files.

    Note: Use a decent text editor such as Textpad or Notepad++ (Use the "UTF-16LE" code in Notepad++)

    Class File

    In your custom game .class file you will have seen a bunch of tags in the <View> </View> tag set.

    Basically we are interested in 3 tag sets (below) within the tag set. (if someone knows what the param,value tags do please let us know)

    <NameKey>&</NameKey> = text displayed above the small menu in game icon and larger panel
    <NameKeySim>&</NameKeySim> = test displayed below the small menu in game icon
    <DescriptionKey>&</DescriptionKey> = description set in larger menu panels

    Note: always add the ampersand character at the beginning of your custom class tag - EG. &B_ENT_NICKOGOLF09_T4

    Now to add the custom text we need to create new localization files with your custom tag class names.

    Localization Directory

    First you will need to create a new directory/folder titled /localization/ inside your /data folder.


    Then in your /data/localization/ folder we need to create a group of other sub folders for all the countries supported by the cxl 2012 game.
    Though unless someone tells me differently we probably don't need to create all those country files, like I have never seen anyone here from TW,CZ,JP ?

    country codes refer: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Country_code_top-level_domain


    Localization Files

    Next inside each country sub directory we add/create our localization text files, each file titled the same but ending in the country code.

    etc. etc.

    Creating the Localization File

    The file starts with the tag: #FILE_VERSION 3 (no spaces above)

    Then for every custom text/tag you want starts with: #FIELD_ID, followed by single space then your custom class tag name - EG. B_ENT_NICKOGOLF09_T4

    Directly under your custom tag names you add the text you would like to display!

    End result example in the file /data/localization/en/myLocalModFile.en would be something like below.

    Golf Course 9 holes
    Golf Leisure
    Golf Course 9 holes Par 3 - Adds a large leisure effect to your city.
    If you don't know the translation for each language just use the english version text (inside each file), that way at least the language files are there ready to modify if someone wishes to translate them for you.

    If having issues getting it to work try copying and a pasting a working one from another mod, then just edit each tag to suit yours. (also use a decent text editor such as textpad or notepad2)

    If you have unpacked CXL you can view the in game language files and others under similar directory paths such as - /data/localization/en/buildingnames.en

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