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CJ L'Aubrière sur Choisille

Little city in Mandelsy

  1. vallamir
    L'aubrière is a city from Mandelsy (a contry in the world GC). It's a small city with only 25 000 inhabitants. This city is very important for Mandelsian people because it's the place were the king is crowned. It's also a place were there some horse race.

    IN the reality, l'Aubrière is a copy from a real city : La Membrolle sur Choisille. I've made two video about this city. The first one, is pretty old (about one year, but we are on the internet, so it's old ^^). This video has been translated in english :

    Today I decided to make a new video in french only this time because i speak about things witch are difficult for me to explain in english..

Recent Reviews

  1. JackDuck
    Good work, I love it :)
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      Thanks Jack ;)
  2. Radiant Dawn
    Radiant Dawn
    Quite impressive and realistic, esp for a small town, although some close in-game screenshots would perhaps allow a better perspective of the town.
    1. vallamir
      Author's Response
      I will add them in the 3rd episode. Thanks !