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Changes Leisure Enhancer v1.00

The Leisure Enhancer Mod is designed to considerably increase the effect of Leisure Buildings

  1. XL Nation Staff
    The Leisure Enhancer Mod is designed to considerably increase the effect of Leisure Buildings. Personally, I found it extremely annoying to have to place tons of Leisure Buildings to moderately satisfy a small residential area, so I decided to make the leisure buildings more effective. While going through the building files, I found the Leisure effect set to a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 for most of the buildings. I also found that a noticeable change in Leisure Demand occurs at around 20 to 25. This all obviously means that the current Leisure effect values are severely underpowered.
    I am currently still balancing out the values to determine which strength for each type of leisure building is best for gameplay, so suggestions for decreasing or increasing strengths of specific buildings is greatly appreciated.
    If I have forgotten some buildings, I would also appreciate being told the names of those buildings so I can change them. There are some buildings that I was unable to find the files for. Those buildings are:
    1. Modern Art Museum
    2. Music Hall
    3. Viewing Tower
    4. Marina
    There is also a list of buildings that I was unable to chance, since doing so would not allow Cities XL to run:
    1. Sports Museum
    2. Baseball Stadium
    3. Large Football Stadium
    4. Indoor Stadium
    5. Soccer Stadium
    6. Football Stadium
    7. Olympic Stadium
    8. Panoramic Restaurant
    Now, there are 4 tiers of strength that I used change the buildings. Which tier each building is in was determined by their default values. Here are the descriptions of each tier:
    1. Low Tier = Radius: 150, Min: 40, Max: 50
    2. Medium Tier = Radius: 250, Min: 55, Max: 65
    3. High Tier = Radius: 350, Min: 70, Max: 80
    4. Extreme Tier = Radius: 550, Min: 70, Max: 80
    Lastly, here is a list of each edited building and which tier they are in:
    1. Low Tier = Go-Karts, Bowling Alley, Ferris Wheel, Basketball Court, Swimming Pool
    2. Medium Tier = Multiplex, Paintball, Science Museum, Climbing wall, Heliport, Football Pitch, Tennis courts, Skatepark
    3. High Tier = Stadium
    4. Extreme Tier = Casino
    So, any suggestions or additional help are appreciated. I know this mod works with Cities XL 2012, but I am unsure of earlier versions. I am also unsure of any conflicts with other mods.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):