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Residential Les Avanchets, cité populaire. Version V01.01

Les Avanchets, cité populaire.

  1. Birk LeGlaire
    • XL Nation Furniture Dependency
    • Cities XXL Community MOD
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Geographical Tag:
    • Western Europe
    Common Era Tag:
    • 1950 to 2000
    Residence low T3

    standard features

    3D Model info: L1 14453, L2 14326, L3 646, L4 96

    Les avanchets, cité populaire de Genève, 7 barres d'immeubles de 13 étages offrant 2300 appartements, abrite une population majoritairement d'origine étrangère. Ce qui en fait, à l'image de ses immeubles collorés, une des cités les plus métissées de Suisse. À l'image de Genève l'internationale.
    Los Avancheles, popular city of Geneva, 7 bars of buildings for 2300 13-storeyed apartments, shelter a population mainly from foreign origin. What makes, just like its collored buildings, one of the cities the most crossed by Switzerland. Just like Geneva the international.







    And Les Avanchets in its reality:


    The lightmaps.

    r_ losAvanchetsles_t3_lm_l1.png
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Recent Updates

  1. Texture LOD4 updated.

Recent Reviews

  1. SettlersGrandPa
    Version: Version V01.01
    Thank you Birk! Like this building!
  2. chocolate_city
    Version: Version V01.01
    I use platinum, and this mod crashes my game... I do like the building though
  3. sadiemydog
    Version: Version V01.01
    Looks like a residental wall to keep citizens out of an area. Thats very cool idea. Maybey I'll just use this mod.
  4. toop
    Version: Version V01.01
    Nice work more, does not work on 2012 these Mods of residences, buildings do much apart, why a lack of big buildings for workers. 1, 2, 3 and 4 the game itself are ugly
  5. sebastirso
    Version: V01.00
    I can not find it
    1. Birk LeGlaire
      Author's Response
      What can you not find ?
  6. pauliaxz
    Version: V01.00
    I think it misses lightmaps, but even without them models look nice!
    1. Birk LeGlaire
      Author's Response
      No the lightmaps is not missing. I added it in the overview. May be something wrong in it ?
  7. Afvial Affansy
    Afvial Affansy
    Version: V01.00
    thanks man! this is awesome!!!
  8. Andommak
    Version: V01.00
    Very nice job ! What about a 2012 or Platinum version ?
    Your Atelier du Grand Theatre crash the game.
    Aniway thanks a lot for this mod.
    1. Birk LeGlaire
      Author's Response
      Good news that my first mod crashes with older game version too.
      Both mods don't have plug in their layout. XXL supplies automatically the plug. But not older version. And no plug shoud be a good raison to crash.
      But if I put it manualy in the layout, then the mod doesn't connect to the road in XXL. Certainly something wrong in my file! I'll post it and ask what is wrong!
      Be patient....
  9. MauricioRP
    Version: V01.00
    Please make it for PLATINUM :( ... crashes the game
    1. Birk LeGlaire
      Author's Response
      Sorry, I don't have Platinium. And I don't know what to change.
      But but but....
      Did you try my first mod "L'atelier du Grand Théâtre" ? Does it crash too ?
      If yes I have perhaps an explanation.
  10. zhenshen
    Version: V01.00
    Good work ! Thank you !