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Tutorial Lets build Rest Areas!

How to build rest area's!

  1. cityguru
    Migrator's note: cityguru is the original author.


    Hi all , welcome to this toturial! This toturials is based on Rest Area's around the world: Total , Q8 , Shell , Thinq , Seven-Eleven , BP , Texaco , Statoil , Marathon-Oil , Serways , Preem .etc. This is a simpel toturial where you need RHM!

    Stuff i used

    The toturial!
    1. Build a highway.

    2. Add a small exit , 3-1=3.

    3. Add a long stretch simply 10m road.
    4. Change it to one way parking road.

    5. Build a road from (right to left) or (left to right)
    6. Build parkings
    7. Build another straight 10m road.

    8. Build petpaths.

    9. Build more parking areas. Remember: use petpaths between two parkings.

    10. Create gasstation.

    11. Create mcdonals (or other fastfood) and motel.
    12. Change 10m roads. Stretch highway.
    13. Connection piece 3+1=3

    14. Create surroundings.
    15. Clear.


Recent Reviews

  1. gespi79
  2. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    That is a cool idea. You do know that rest stops never have gas stations or fast food stands, right?