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CJ Lexus City

The Pursuit of Perfection

  1. youngcitybuilderg
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    The City of Lexus, often called Lexus City or simply Lexus, is a city located in the central portion of the State of Evinora. Lexus is the county seat of Royce County.
    In 1990, the Catera National Census Bureau stated that Lexus had a population of 51,339. The surrounding county had a total population of 74,430. This is the 12th largest municipality in Evinora.
    Lexus City was originally founded in 1864, under the name Fort Lexus, serving as a military post for Cateran soldiers during the British Raid. Fort Lexus was one of the last battles against the British, and was a victory for Catera. After the war, soldiers and their families settled in Fort Lexus and voted to change the name to Lexus in 1867. Lexus was awarded township and officially recognized as a city by the Sate of Evinora in 1871.
    -As of June 2010, Lexus City has been named the Core Municipality in the Lexus City Metropolitan Area, with a metro-area population of 428,381. -Estimates for March of 2016 show the city having a population of 371,429 and the metro area's population at 449,206.

    Originally founded as a military post for Cateran soldiers during the British Raid of 1864, Fort Lexus made its mark in Cateran history. The original fort stood in Lexus City until 1976 when it was destroyed by an EF-5 tornado. The old site was then converted into Lexus Park.
    In 1987, Toyota Corporation of Japan began producing automobiles in a factory 1/2 mile (0.3km) southwest of Lexus Park. This new division of Toyota, Lexus, named itself after the city, even using the city's logo as the icon for the new automobiles. At the end of the production of the LS 400 model in 1995, Toyota moved Lexus production to facilities in the United States and Japan. The old factory was then purchased by Cateran auto manufacturer Zacora Automotive (Z-Auto) to primarily build Z-Auto's line of hybrid coupes and sedans, leading Lexus City to become one of the first cities in the world to start an eco-friendly movement. As of June 1998, Lexus City passed an ordinance stating that any retail store operating inside city limits may not use plastic bags to package products for consumers. Any store caught using plastic bags will be fined $1,000.


    Lexus City is located in the foothills of the Malina Mountains which spread from the City of Majomut, Casanova near Catera's northwestern coast, as far south as the City of Selena, Mississauga. Lexus City is positioned on the western edge of the mountain range.
    Lexus City sits along Catera Route 51, which runs north-to-south from Falcon Landing, Casanova to Poplar Bluff, Evinora. Along the city's southern edge, Interstate 42 passes through Royce County, connecting Lexus City to Interstates 40 and 35, the two most important highways in Catera's Sheona peninsula. I-42 starts at I-40 in Springdale (2nd largest City) and ends at I-37 in Corrington, North Sierra.
    The city is located in the center of Evinora, 1 hour south of Stonovo, Evinora's capitol city.
    A small airport and a leisure airport were both built in 2003.




    Government and Politics


    - Catera Route 51

    Catera Route 51 runs from Falcon Landing, CN to Poplar Bluff, EV.
    --Driving Times on CTR-51 from Lexus City--
    Stonovo, EV - 1 hour (65 miles, north)
    Greenfield, EV - 2 hours (108 miles, north)
    Statlin, Passacola - 4 hours (231 miles, north)
    Falcon Landing, CN - 7 hours (519 miles, north)
    Poplar Bluff, EV - 2 1/2 hours (140 miles, south)
    - Interstate 42
    Interstate 42 runs from Springdale, EV at I-40 to Corrington, NS at I-37.
    --Driving Times on I-42 from Lexus City--
    Springdale, EV - 3 hours (188 miles, west)
    Colvinger, EV - 1 1/2 hours (86 miles, west)
    Vanessa, EV - 30 minutes (37 miles, east)
    St. Vincent, EV - 2 hours (111 miles, east)
    Delmont, NS - 3 1/2 hours (206 miles, east)
    Corrington, NS - 5 hours (302 miles, east)
    Sister Cities


    More information will be posted as time comes along. Hope you all enjoy the Wikipedia style layout, and more importantly, Lexus City. :)

    cxl_screenshot_lexus city_0.jpg
    Lexus City, viewing from an airplane (no, The Lex doesn't have an airport... yet) taken 1990

    Downtown Lexus City.jpg
    Viewing the Sanford & Son Building (built in 1931) in Downtown Lexus, on the corner of Corporal Boulevard & Commerce Street - taken 1991

    Entering Lexus.jpg
    Entering Lexus City on CTR-51 from the south (Corporal BLVD) taken 1992

    Aireal Shot-9181990.jpg
    Ariel Shot taken in 1990.
    Traffic Map in 1993, notice there is not an Interstate highway, or any kind of an airport still.
    Corporal BLVD.jpg
    Corporal BLVD (CTR-51) still the same 26 years later, shot taken June 1990.
    Fort Lexus Drive.jpg
    Fort Lexus Drive, in the original part of town, taken in 2009.
    Production Line.jpg
    The original Industrial Park, intersecting Corporal, viewing west on Production Line Drive, 2001.
    The Original CBD, Downtown Lexus, taken 1996.
    cxl_screenshot_lexus city_11.jpg New City Hall constructed in 2000, West Fort Lexus Drive, in a thunderstorm June 2002
    Rain Coming In.jpg
    The Thunderstorm in 2002.
    Traffic Map 2016, you can see I-42 south of the city and near a small suburb east of the city. Airplane View - 2016.jpg
    Remember the view from the plane in 1990? This a view from a plane in 2016, heading south, over top of I-42. cxl_screenshot_lexus city_1.jpg
    Look at the 2016 map. See the loop road that comes from Production Line Drive near the top, western edge the city, around the southern edge of the city, and to the service road near I-42? Ok. Just west of the interchange, there are 2 roads that intersect I-42 that go north across this loop road, one goes all the way up to Fort Lexus, Commerce, Production Line. And the other road meets it. These two roads are Wildwood Ave (the one that continues up, first road before the interchange) and Edgefield BLVD (the second one west of the interchange). This is the location of the new CBD, known as Wild Edge Office Park. And the above picture is taken on Wildwood Ave, viewing the new offices. These started construction in 2008. This picture was taken today, March 28th, 2016.


    1. Corporal & Fort Lexus.jpg
    2. CTR-51 & I-40.jpg
    3. Downtown Lexus City.jpg
    4. Lexus Park.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Four stars, because even your city doesn't look like absolutely pretty, its structure is well-thought and that's a good point. Also, I appreciate that you wrote a introduction about your city and you specified the most important years in your city's history.
    Therefore, I support you and your work and I hope your next city will look better :) . Cheers!