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Tutorial Lighting of buildings tutorial

The way to illuminate your buildings!

  1. XL Nation Staff
    I accidentally noticed one interesting properties of lights.
    So there is an image tutorial, I hope, that I am able to exlain with my poor English.
    What you need: ploppable street lights: http://www.generation-city.com/citi...rgements/batiments/298-mod-lampadaires-xl2011
    You can iluminate every building or bridge or what you want.
    Switch night time:
    Take any light:
    Move with it around building, you don´t need place it!
    Thats all! Here is the result:
    Iluminated bridge:
    Warning: after turning off your CXL the ilumination is lost, so you can only take better night time screenshots.(after restart of your game, the ligting of your buildings will be normal.)But you can change day time, or you can leave your city, and it still works.
    Question for modders: Is it possible to fix it? (that after exit of your game the ilumination will be still like you made it?)
    Thanks for answer.

    And, if will be able street light without colision box, you can iluminate everything, like you want.(i think)

    For example (no photoshop):