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Residential Likeu Residence Apartment v1.0

Modern Minimalist Apartment for Executive

  1. fayeddd
    • XL Nation Furniture Dependency
    • Cities XXL Community MOD
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    • Cities XXL 2015
    likeu 1.jpg
    Hello guys! I bring another mod again here, i am really enjoying create my own building and cant stop thinking to create another one. Anyway it is same as before,low poly building, but still has great quality. Please enjoy!​

    likeu2.jpg cxl_screenshot_sasa_10.jpg cxl_screenshot_sasa_9.jpg likeu 4.jpg

    More images below:
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    Menu location:
    Residences/Executive/T4 Excpetional
    Triangles: (-+)1500 triangles
    Base Size: 30x30
    Note: As always thank to Monty
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Recent Reviews

  1. SettlersGrandPa
    Version: v1.0
    Thank you very much for sharing this very impressive building, fayeddd!
  2. OmniusPrime
    Version: v1.0
    I love the slanted look, very modern architecture. Also great it has a very small footprint. I also like the sign, a nice touch.
  3. Mr.X²
    Version: v1.0
    actually looks excellent and not topplebopple doh
  4. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Version: v1.0
    It looks as if it is going to topple at any second!
  5. Drazicdesign
    Version: v1.0
    An Impeccable building
  6. The Funky Monk
    The Funky Monk
    Version: v1.0
    Great work Fay. Nightlights looks fantastic.
  7. Helio Lopes
    Helio Lopes
    Version: v1.0
    Thanks you soooo much.. my cities more need more elite buidings...
    1. fayeddd
      Author's Response
      Fyi this one is for eksecutive :)
  8. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    Version: v1.0
    Love this building!
  9. Lily
    Version: v1.0
    I love these neutral but stylish towers that I can use to fill up a city. I just wish someone would do them for unskilled and skilled workers too.
  10. Tim Scritchfield
    Tim Scritchfield
    Version: v1.0
    MORE!!! Please!!!