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CJ Lisboa (Lisbon)

City of Lisbon

  1. riscoo
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hey! I´m new here. It´s my first city, named Lisboa (Lisbon) just because I like the name and because I´m from Portugal ^^
    The city is, of course, not finished but I post here some pictures showing how my work is going! I hope you enjoy it and constructive critics are welcome!
    The first picture is the beggining of the city and now it is larger.

    Marginal street of Lisboa (as known as bypass of Lisboa too)
    Satellite photo of Lisboa
    Santuário do Sameiro (Sameiro Sanctuary) on top of the "lung" of Lisboa
    Main Square of Lisboa

    cxl_screenshot_lisboa_8.jpg cxl_screenshot_lisboa_9.jpg cxl_screenshot_lisboa_7.jpg cxl_screenshot_lisboa_10.jpg cxl_screenshot_lisboa_6.jpg
    The main train station of Lisboa with old financial district in the background
    Main avenue of Lisboa with Sameiro in the backgroung
    Old financial district (there will be a new one :p)


    A new view above Lisboa



    New Train Station and Stadium

    I really hope you enjoy the pictures and the city! Thank you for watching this far!


    1. cxl_screenshot_lisboa_1.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_lisboa_11.jpg
    3. cxl_screenshot_lisboa_12.jpg
    4. cxl_screenshot_lisboa_18.jpg
    5. cxl_screenshot_lisboa_22.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Ammar Shaker
    Ammar Shaker
    5 Stars, i spend most of my time in the game building highways, despite your system was unfinished, i know exactly how careful you were building these. ;)
    1. riscoo
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5 stars. You are right! I have all the highways well planned in my head, I will develop them and soon I will post more pictures of the city! :)
  2. kipate
    Four stars, because I'm in a good mood :)
    I generally favour it when beginners start with the Barcelona approach (most parts in 45 degrees angles).
    Good work on the squares and the decorations in front of the municipial buildings!

    I do think that it would been better to construct a down-to-earth highway. your elevated highway looks like being atop of the buildings and ruins a bit the panoramic view.

    Also, as a hint: there are switches for the railways, you can use them ;) And try to avoid bridge pillars on the roads below. The rest will come with time :)
    1. riscoo
      Author's Response
      Thank you. I will try to follow your tips!

      You are right, I know it seems a bit unreal with the roads all straight but I will try to build more curved roads.

      Relatively to the highways, I am building elevated just around the city. I am going to build more highways on land in the suburbs.

      The railways are not very developed yet, I know this function and I will try to do what you said! Thank you for your suggestions! And sorry for my not-so-good-english hehe :)