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Offices LondonSkyline pack 01 1234

Submitted by Princess

  1. cjpavel
    Version: 1234
    Do not work in cities XXL, except 25CanadaSquare_BaniB3
    Please update mods for cities xxl.
  2. iamLevs
    Version: 1234
    Nice mod, however the ground dimensions are not the same as that of the tier 3 office buildings so its pretty annoying when creating tier 3 buildings.
  3. gseid87
    Version: 1234
    Awesome mods, Must have!
  4. davidgerar97
    Version: 1234
    awesome detail
  5. mister no
    mister no
    Version: 1234
    odlicno napravljeno,thx
  6. Alexs
    Version: 1234
    zgrade koje si napravio su odlicne, hvala ti puno