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CJ Los Perseus

The city of stars...

  1. Sazhx17
    Thanks to the great xlnation community, all the modders and also photoshop.(y)

    Welcome to Los Perseus.
    This is my first city journal. Feel free to leave suggestions and comments.

    The city is still under construction.
    Updates will be coming soon.
    Here are a few pictures.

    j.jpg g.jpg i.jpg q.JPG r.jpg s.jpg t.jpg m.jpg n.jpg o.jpg h.jpg p.JPG k.jpg l.jpg a.jpg f.jpg b.jpg c.jpg d.jpg e.jpg
    Thank you.
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Recent Reviews

  1. terence_30
    Nice road network, adequate rural neighbourhoods and leisure areas, I suggest that the business district should be formed of medium density buildings to make balance to the cityscape except this will be further developed along the district. Overall the city leaves me a nice impression. Go on! :D
  2. d_h_s
    What is the gold building?, Its very well laid out but the downtown is way to large in comparison to the population, Winnipeg where I live has a pop of 860k people, our tallest building is 34 stories, I drive truck in North America and get to see cities everyday, your downtown is huge.
    1. Sazhx17
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your comment. And, which gold building?
  3. trung9b
    i want download. may u
    1. Sazhx17
      Author's Response
      Sorry, but it's not finished yet.
  4. Spock
    nice city, the highway is great
    1. Sazhx17
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
  5. streetsofny
    Nice friend!!
    I really like the downtown, congrats!
    1. Sazhx17
  6. OvidiuDm
    1. Sazhx17
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much.