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Arts & Leisure Madison Square Garden v1.00

The Madison Square Garden in New York City

  1. XL Nation Staff

    Here we go with the Madison Square Garden of New York city : a multi purpose arena (Hockey, Basket, Concert, etc ...).

    I made 3 version of this Mod : Be sure to install only ONE of it !!! :
    1) A normal version for those who don't have the UIM or the CLM
    2) A UIM version. (you will need the UIM mod. Link in the pre-requisite section)
    3) A CLM version. With some Criminality. But as it's my first buidling compatible with the CLM they might be some mistakse. Please let me know if you find some. (you will need the UIM & CLM mod. Link in the pre-requisite section)

    I don't made a basement for it because with all the ploppables furnitures (Bench, Streetlights, Decorations) and the new plaza, everyone can made is personnal basement for the model. And also it's easier for me

    How to install it :
    Into your Paks folder.

    Where to find it?
    1) Normal Version : in the commerce menu => Leisure => Sport Leisure
    2) UIM Version : Activate the custom button => commerce menu => Leisure => Sport Leisure
    3) CLM Version : commerce menu => Leisure => Sport Leisure

    How to delete it :
    Select it and press supprr (or DEL)

    Some pictures
    cxlscreenshottaniple4.jpg cxlscreenshottaniple7.jpg

    Video :
    A very great promotion video by discopolis, thanks you mate :)
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Depends on the version you install, see notes above
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Recent Reviews

  1. gseid87
    Version: v1.00
    Very Good mod