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Tutorial Make artificial islands

Make an island using waterroads and scenery.

  1. royb 98
    If you ever run out of space to build, you'll just make space like in the Netherlands. Sadly there is no tool for this in CXL (yet), but I found a way to do it. Three tutorials:

    This tutorial contains a mod not compatable with CXL 2011 and the problems within could be solved by a different mod (it's in the tutorial, too).

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    Beach and island-shape
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    Harbor and a partial beach

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Recent Reviews

  1. Artmaster
    This is a brilliant idea...especially if you have the flat grass mod which will allow you to flatten an area between roads, then you can add a sand texture which will snap to the roads...delete said road and just as in the tutorial you have a 'false' island. Never thought to use the Nexl ferry before, pretty sweet!