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Tutorial Making Highway Interchange

Here is a small tutorial on how to build a custom highway interchange using fork road.

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Hi everyone. Here is a small tutorial on how to build a custom highway interchange using fork road. The fork road mod can be found here.

    First, we need to have some roads connecting to the interchange. The following pictures show some steps to get those road.




    Now we have the some basic road for the interchange. We need to put the fork road puzzle piece. It can be found in the highway menu.
    For easy placement, we first rotate the puzzle piece by pressing shift key while moving the mouse.
    Turn the puzzle piece until it faces the direction of the road we want to connect.
    Move the puzzle to the road and it will snap to the road.


    Now, we can connect two roads in the middle together using the custom 2-lane highway. I have chosen the elevated road without the bridge body.


    Here is the final result of the interchange that I have made.

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