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Residential - Manager residences without collision box - V2 ! - bug fixed - 2.01

- Adds 35 residences without collision box. - V2 - bug fixed -

  1. XL Nation Staff
    Migrator's note: Vallamir is the original author of this mod.

    - Update V2 - bug fixed - new location -
    Hi everyone !
    Thanks to this mod you can make more realistic district. This mod contain 35 manager residences without collision box.

    games219.jpg games220.jpg games221.jpg

    Where can I find buildings ?

    With the second version you can find buildings here :

    Special Thanks

    To Ieyasu for his tutorials and to Elmo for the idea of this kind of mod.

    • The buildings can be found in the Buildings sub-menu of the Chinese Pack menu
    • I have only Cities XL 2009 and Cities XL 2011. I have test with Cities XL 2011. This mod is compatible with this version. I have not tested with Cities XL 2009 and Cities XL 2012. If someone want to test this mod for me ...
    • I know there is some mod like this, but there are only compatible with Cities XL 2012 and not with Cities XL 2011.
    • If you find some bug with this mod tell me here !
    . - Update V2 - bug fixed - new location -
    Modification with version 2 !

    • New location
    • In version 1 there were no inhabitants. Now with this version there are inhabitants !
    • If still find bug tell me here !
    Version 2 on 06/05/12
    Version 1 on 23/12/11
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. games222.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. Minor bug fix