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CJ Manaka

Small City with Big plans...

  1. pingyao

    Welcome to my CJ for Manaka, a long time coming as I have been building this for a few months now, and its nowhere near finished. There are plans for semi regular updates as and when I can do them, but this is a long term project. Big thanks to all those Modders who have made this possible...

    Oh yeah, how do I place a pic of the city in the title icon? - I discovered it thanks...

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Recent Updates

  1. The 'Burbs'

Recent Reviews

  1. kipate
    Really outstanding quality you provide here!
    The city may not be finished yet, but of what I see
    I believe to be able to judge about even your future progress.
    It is the first time that some just boring repetition
    of houses still looks so realistic for me, even though
    Photoshop was used.
    I also love the way you improve the realism of the
    whooe city by adding some furniture. At parts this
    could be done even more, e.g. in the parks
    but well, a computer cannot handle anything.
    One suggestion for the park: try to add some small
    green area beneath the ped path and before you add the water,
    and try to lower the ground where you want to put the water,
    this will make it look more realistic.
    Your introducing story is nice as well, hence I do not see any reason
    not to give you five stars!

    Keep up the good work!
  2. ai92
    Love the realistic look of the city, looking forward what's next!
  3. ExileOnMainSt
    Big in every sense of the word. I can't wait for more updates.
  4. Inan
    Your suburbs look like the abandoned areas of Detroit with those empty spaces inbetween. Very realistic city, like it!
  5. Drazicdesign
    I like quite the small details of your city!
    Five stars while waiting for the continuation with impatience!
  6. hunkske
    Looks great, totally loving it!
  7. juankaport
    I really like it :D
    A city without too many high-rises, that's cool.i like it!
  9. AKHA
    I like your style, realism, not pretty cities over decorated. More pics more pics
  10. streetsofny
    Good job and nice pictures! :)