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Country Marramar

A piece of land between the seas...

  1. Marramar Presidency
    Marramar is a country in the Southeast of the "Unnamed" continent, of Alpha Centauri.
    Location of Marramar on Alpha Centauri:
    Flag of Marramar:


    General information:
    • Motto - "Unidad y Libertad." ("Unity and freedom.")
    • Official name - Republíca Marramar
    • Capital - Azucena (68 000)
    • Largest city - San Pedro de Árbolés (74 201)
    • Official language - Spanish
    • Demonym - Marramarian
    • Government - Presidential republic
      • President -
      • Form - constutional republic
    • Area - to be named
    • Population - 181 201 (2nd)
    • Density - to be added
    • GDP:
      • Total - $ 23.175 billion
      • Per capita - $ 15 420
    • HDI - high
    • Gini - medium
    • Drives on the - right
    • Internet TLD - .rm

    Azucena - Marramar's capital
    • Governor: Veija2
    • Population: 10 009 (round 1 census)
    • Density:
    • Area:
    • Nicknames:
    Azucena montage

    Azucena is the capital city of Marramar. It is the northernmost city of the country.

    San Pedro de Árbolés
    • Governor: Peter912
    • Population: 74 201 (round 1 census)
    • Density: 925,92/km²
    • Area: 31,15 km²
    • Nicknames: San Pedro, SPdA, The city of palms, Capital of the SOuth

    Montage of the city - from upper left to downer right - the yellow cathedral and national monument, University of phillosophy, Edificio01, the city hall with Petromar HQ in background and general overview from the harbor

    San Pedro de Árbolés is the largest city of Marramar. It is located right below the equator in southwestern part of the country. It is one of the oldest cities on Alpha Centauri (excluding the ones in The Federation) ,founded during the colonization. It is the southernmost city of the continent, and one of the only ones in the Southern Hemisphere of Alpha Centauri. The city is mainly of industrial/residential character and is a strategical and important seaport.

    The city was founded during the 2nd colonization of Alpha Centauri (2014). Its strategical postition in the delta of Rio Blanco immediatly made it one of the most important industrial seaports on Alpha Centari. Currently the city contributes largely to Marramars GDP and is mainly focused on industry. It is also an oil refining facility and the HQ of Aitortilla01 logistics and Petromar, Marramars national oil company. The farming is mainly for local consumption and the exports of it make roughly 5% of profits. While being a very wealthy city, it has lately began to have problems with wealth distribution.

    Being the largest city of Marramar, it also makes SPda one of its major cultural centres - it is the location of Catedral de amarilla (yellow cathedral), an important religious building. Also, many important buildings are located here - the University of phillosophy, Technical institute and more. It is often referred to as the "capital of the South". Every year, during the National day a big fair is held in the city. Despite being an important cultural centre, it lacks some infrastructure what is planned to be build next round.

    The city is very multicultural, what the numbers can only prove:
    Ethnic groups
    Spanish - 45%
    Portugese - 31%
    English/American - 11%
    Russian - 9%
    Slovak - 4%

    Catholic christianty - 35%
    Protestantism - 31%
    No religion/not religious - 12%
    Judaism - 8%
    Other (islam, buddhism, baha'i) - 4%

    cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_101.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_105.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_106.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_107.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_108.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_109.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_110.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_111.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_112.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_113.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_114.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_115.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_116.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_117.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_118.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_119.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_120.jpg cxl_screenshot_sanpedrodearboles_121.jpg Gallery description - The Yellow Cathedral and National Monument at sunset, "old city" at sunset, The Yellow Cathedral and National Monument at night, the 3 most famous buildings of the cty - Yellow Cathedral, City hall and University of Phillosophy, Edificio01, the HQ of Aitortilla logistics, Museum of history, city at night, Torre la Verde, City hall and HQ of Petromar, an area under construction, the "Plaza la fortuna" - Fortune square, city viewed from harbor at night, overview from the harbor, an aerial of the city, the "Alameda de diamantes" (The diamond mall), Technical institute and view on the harbor.

    • Governor: Dreian
    • Population: 10 008
    • Density: 1400/km2
    • Area: 7km2
    • Nicknames: "Alpha Riviera"

    Drecapulco Island... its sun, its beaches... Along with two other sites, this island was chosen as one of the three starting point for the Marramar EP because of a very comfortable tropical tropical climate that allows almost everything to grow... and this during all year long. You don't have heard of the Marramian Pineapple yet? That's normal you can find it on earth only within the most secret black markets. But it's told its very juicy and has that little mysterious spice, which makes you wanna eat more.

    Drecapulco is set to be a farming/ resort island, allowing all people of Marramar to enjoy a long sunny rest in between two hard working sessions in SPdA factories or in the booming institutional & research pole Azucena.


    To be added


    To be added

    The country is segmented into Regions (higher administration, with voted Guverners) from which are now 3 main - Region de la Drecapulco, Region Capitál (Region of Capital city) and Region la San Pedro. The regions are sorted out into Comarcas (districts).

    To be added

    Marramars economy is mainly based on Goods and Resources manufacturing . The 2nd most important sector is farming, but tourism is rapidly growing too.

    The GDP of Marramar is 23 175 000 00 dollars, making GDP per capita 15 450 dollars.

    Contests won
    "Best shipment zone"
    Best"country colonization project"


    1. SanPedroMontage.png

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