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CJ Matthew City

Saint Martin Island presents Matthew city (updated 11-13-16)

  1. SOUL Productions
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015

    Matthew City is my submission city for the Saint Martin Island contest, it is an ongoing city and I will be documenting its construction until judgement day!

    This is the planet that Matthew City resides on and its neighbor cities.
    planet sm.jpg
    The city itself from above

    Matthew City has been bustling with new development that has people flocking to the city. Many of the original home owners on the island have seen the value of their properties rise as the population of the city increases.
    matthew city a1.png The newly developed downtown skyline can be seen from the historic parts of the island. Many new businesses are bringing in revenue that has allowed much expansion to the undeveloped parts of the island. matthew city a2.png
    A new bridge built by MCTDA (Matthew City transportation development association) will maximize the commuter flow in the near by future. Plans for a university and more governmental buildings near downtown will bring more jobs and revenue into the city. matthew city a4.png
    Some uptown residence are questionable of how many new buildings are springing up so quickly. Some fear a future housing crisis if some of the future plans don't go through. It was an expensive and costly decision to build the bridge before most of the office spaces were fully rented to companies, but its in the best hopes that its appeal will draw people to the city. matthew city a9.png Apartments have been the new trend as they are easy to build and cheap to maintain. (atleast for now ) Prices can range from 70,000 USD to 600,000 USD depending on the conditions and location of the apartment. matthew city a6.png
    As the city grows a balance of industry, agriculture, and office production is key for the success on the small island. Space is a factor as it is important to keep a stable flow between nature and man on the island. Many people were opposed to such massive development on the lower highlands but the building went on anyway. In consideration nearly 1/3 of the island will be left as a nature preserve to allow the ingenious species of the island to continue to thrive.
    matthew city a5.png
    Matthew City now houses 179,881 people. The trend has been up, and the signs are still not showing much signs of stopping. The only counter has been the muddy land being developed on downtown. matthew city a7.png
    A recent petition is aimed at centralizing all future tall buildings in the downtown quarter in order to keep the view of the mountain to island residence. It is countered with the argument that to many skyscrapers in one location will create a total mass effect that could cause the entire downtown to sink if to much weight is added to the basin. matthew city a8.png Residence in Beach Town enjoy the quiet life, the town resides on the other end of the nature preserve. Far from downtown you can stroll down the pier to the sandy beach where some have rumored to have seen real life mermaids! It is one of the most profound nature areas in the region consisting of 3 nearby coral reefs. Mermaid-Silouhette-on-Rock-Ocean.jpg Uptown is filling up and fewer and fewer lots are available to build on. The future builders of the downtown area will face much more challenges with the muddy terrain so these last few parcels of land in the Uptown quarter are really going up in value. matthew city a3.png Thats it for now, but soon there will be another update soon, the city has big plans and is still growing quickly. It will face many challenges in the future but humans are very intelligent and capable of figuring out cleaver solutions to tricky problems. Soon to see!

    matthew city 1.png
    Matthew City is your typical coastal city, it was founded in the earlier part of the 19th century along with many other island cities in the region. Its main export products are food and desalinated water. matthew city 2.png Construction is ongoing and rampant. Steel structures rise and morph the ever changing skyline. matthew city 3.jpg
    This is the main road through uptown that supports traffic between industrial areas and the harbor to the residence of the city. matthew city 4.png In the past few years large development companies have moved to the island due to the cheap cost of living and low state taxes. The office population has boomed in the past 10 years resulting in a high demand for new residence. matthew city 5.png
    Older homes on the island generally offer cheap rent, but can sometimes be full of loud drunken neighbors on the weekends. So I generally recommend renting out the top level if theirs an elevator! matthew city 6.png
    Martin Harbor is the main connecting point between Matthew City and the rest of the world. matthew city 7.png
    It brings in 80% of the cities modern comedies, and was recently expanded in order to meet the demands of the future prospects of the city. matthew city 8.png Old Town is the oldest part of the city and resembles a colorful European atmosphere. matthew city 9.png To the left is Saint Matthews Hotel which was the first multi-floored building ever constructed in the city. matthew city 10.png
    A view looking over the crossing where old town turns to uptown matthew city 11.png Up town office district where the largest construction companies and biggest entrepreneurs reside to create their wonders. matthew city 12.png The San Marcos Bridge was built following WWI in honor of the veterans, it is the longest spanning bridge currently on the island and carries traffic into the uptown office district. matthew city 13.png People refer to uptown as downtown right now because that is where the tall buildings and shopping are, but the future is looking bright for Matthew City and many people are starting to see the signs that this is only the beginning. matthew city 14.png
    In recent years over 4000 acres of property were divided sold and are now being developed on. From the looks of it, many people are feeling Matthew City is turning into a modern thriving metropolis. matthew city 15.png
    A 4 lane highway cuts along the side of uptown and old town, It acts as a fast link to the new downtown district as well as construction areas, and will eventually connect to the future airport to the rest of the city as well. matthew city 16.png
    Traffic is generally pretty smooth at the time, but it has been campaigned to have public transportation as well as the city grows. A tram line is currently under construction and will eventually offer an alternative to driving. Subways have been purposed but the muddy conditions of the soil have put that idea on the back burner for now. matthew city 17.png This is a Current and up to date map of the area. I hope you enjoined!


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    Aditya Agus Setyawan
    You have a good city, but not good enough for serving images
  2. ObelicS
    Not bad, nice ideas, nice presentation ! :) It can be better for sure but i think it deserves 5 stars from what i see here. I really like RHM placement and some shots also, keep up the good work ! :)
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    wow!is a bulity ps editor!at the same time,is a great city.so it deserve 5 stars!
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    I like the city. The layout is well thought out. Word of advice about the photo editing though: blurring the edges of a photo never makes it looks better, and instead draws from the overall quality.
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    Actually, I wanted to give 4 star before the update. But I changed my idea and added an extra star in rating part, when the new update is shown up. Good luck on the contest.
  6. kipate
    Beautiful city, but why did you not just insert your top ten images into the submission thread?
    1. SOUL Productions
      Author's Response
      I didn't know you couldn't edit the thread submission, I have more images I was going to add, but I saved and exited the thread before I was done. I guess next time
  7. PaulHudson
    Little pretty city)