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CJ Maverick 2.0

Palphanx's Motor City

  1. Aspire
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    cxl_screenshot_maverick_6.jpg Take a look into the Palphanx Metro Region's northern city of Maverick!
    Maverick was incorporated in 1732 by merchants seeking refuge from the Aspire-Nempergian War embargo and Palphanx laws against selling reusable goods. Maverick, at the time was known as Iznaia Peninsula, was chosen for its 4 channels connecting to major points in the country. gamescreen0030.jpg The town and it's neighboring section of Quille had begun manufacturing boats, shipping supplies, amongst other numerous items by the end of the 1700s. gamescreen0050.jpg After the fall of the Nempergian Empire in 1793, the small merchant incorporation changed its name to Maverick for its resilience during the 30 year war, and found itself being the capital of Aspire, until 1886 after the Demmer Incident caused the government to re-align itself, consequentially making Palphanx the capital.

    gamescreen0055.jpg Maverick welcomed the region's first tower, the 10 story Vessinon building in 1883, designed by Kemper Hatchfield of Hark Architecture and Building Co. This building was Hatchfield's first as Hark was in Sedlon working on another project.
    The Averly House served as Maverick's City Hall until a fire destroyed the building in 1889. Quickly after, the Averly's built a bigger, cobblestone building called the Savers Hall in the same location, in which the park was removed for unknown reasons. gamescreen0052.jpg
    Maverick City Hall (Savers Hall) in 1913, oversaw the important Aspirian Transition into the 19th century, Whereas the mayor at the time, Nader P. Follen approved construction of buildings taller than the 10 stories that was assumed to be the limit. gamescreen0053.jpg
    les than a year later, the Juno Building in the distance, the Camper Life Insurance Building, and the Metlar Government building was completed.
    Nader Follen Improved the old conditions and sorted out the city's laws and financial budget before his departure in 1935. gamescreen0048.jpg After, a statue was erected inside the Saver's Hall and an avenue behind city hall going to the outskirts of the city was named Nader Podzar Avenue. He left behind 4 Children, Agen Follen, Hesennia Follen, Earnest Follen, and Louzina Follen. The four would move from Maverick in the later years.
    By 1920, the city had more than 10 towers, [not including the two on the left] and a new Fulicia Park Port to replace the park that was removed after the Averly fire. It was quicly seen that after the construction of the Maverick Municipal Airport in 1926, the city experienced rapid growth.
    the Backend would begin to build itself up as people were arriving in droves from all means of transportation to come to Maverick. this forced the city to build housing projects In the area between the backend and midtown in 1954. gamescreen0037.jpg
    The projects, known as the Cheznettey Waines Homes would show the amount of stress the city, as well as the country, was actually in in 1971, after a power outage causes a riot between the high class and lower class citizens of Palphanx Metro regions cities, including Maverick, stemming from an injustice caused at the city of Colton. gamescreen0058.jpg The city would not catch its grip on the riots until 2 weeks later, and by then the backend fell in major disrepair, with abandoned or burned out homes, 2 ports unusable, and the Cheznettey homes a dangerous wasteland. gamescreen0057.jpg

    This however did not stop downtown Maverick from growing, and the city welcomed its first commercial skyscraper later that year. from this, the WMNC6 would be bult next to it a year later. cxl_screenshot_maverick_0.jpg
    The WMNC6 building would prove to be the tallest built in Maverick, as seen here during the construction phase of the Cross Town Expressway from the Coland Tunnel.

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