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Offices Medium Rise Office Building 2014-08-25

Medium Rise Office Building

  1. nicko2u
    Here is a T3 Medium Rise Office Building to help fill in your urban sprawl.

    Employs and uses same residents and resources as other in-game T3 Office buildings.
    Medium Rise approx. 34m high
    Base 80mx60m
    Triangles L1=1568, L2&L3=1324, L4=91
    All maps.
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):


    1. 9h4z.jpg
    2. 48r9.jpg
    3. wfc6.jpg
    4. acv8.jpg
    5. xw65.png

Recent Reviews

  1. gseid87
    Version: 2014-08-25
    A great building mod