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Changes Metro and Bus System - Edition Express

Original author: Rene

  1. Rene
    Metro and Bus System - Edition Express
    - Express Edition of Metro and Bus Systems


    Shift your Metro and Bus System's to Express Edition Age as well.

    It's quite some time I made this mod. Decided to wrap it up and share. I don't remember what all it does...

    - Amount of Metro stations and Bus stops count per line increased from defaults: Metro x 4 and Bus x 5, no more short limits

    - Default metro station allows 14 lines, that's default x 2.

    - Enhances building: Easier metro-tunnels-bridges and entrances, also allows steeper curves

    - Unlocks Los Angeles Union Station, this doesn't crash

    - LA Union Station max 45 metro lines

    - Metro system uses both silver metro car trains and Paris metro car trains.

    - Includes Bus Stations with line counts for the medium 20 and 50 for big grand bus terminal

    - Unlocks small bus station (40x40) for bus use, allowing 10 lines

    - Tries not to prevent other vehicle stop on bus stop (the tram doesn't allow)

    - Bus system affects other traffic about 5% less

    - Bus and Metro HQ's will not collapse because of city financial protection (as long as player has money)

    - Dependency: See below


    * Size issue addressed
    * LA Union tweaks

    Delete old file and download new file for replacement.


    INSTALL: Place the mod in paks or paks/mods
    Installation Pre-requiste(s):
    Traffic Settings: Mass Transit - Express Edition, Traffic Ordinance

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    This mod is pretty good. How do I add a line to a station?