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CJ Miragnac

A city of almost 2 million with a setting to boot.

  1. extheirsos

    Map: The Shattered Coast

    Population: 1,996,446
    Budget: 115,029,161
    Cashflow: 207,943
    Unemployment Rate: 5%
    Income Taxes: 20%
    Corporate Taxes: 25%
    Specializations: Waste, Fuel, High Tech & Offices

    Year of foundation: 1784
    Past names: New Brighton, New Bordeaux

    Interesting facts
    -The city was built without any mods (cuz my game crashes even with 1 mod D: )
    -The city grew with almost zero planning on infrastructure ( I like demolishing things and rebuilding :D )

    Here are some pictures to keep you entertained :D


Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    I admit that demolishing and rebuilding is fun. Unless you have a really crappy computer, you either installed the mod the wrong way, or the mod was not compatible with your game. Also, are there ANY more pictures? LAST: Whatever happened to SQUARE city blocks? MOST OF the blocks of major downtown areas are square (when not near-to large bodies of water).
  2. Abbittibbi
    Ce serait bien de voir plus d'images de la ville. Avec 2 millions en population, il doit y avoir un peu plus à voir...

    Pour ce qui est des mods, il doit y avoir une problème de destination des fichiers, puisque c'est vraiment pas normal que le système plante. C'est vraiment facile à installer.
  3. kipate
    I cannot imagine that your system crashes with using
    just one single mod!
    And even without mods, you could have done much more!
  4. IshRocker
    Sorry, but you need to be more creative.