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CJ Mixed Rural/urban landscape

This is supposed to be a rural area of China, at the edge of a large metropolis.

  1. justyburger

Recent Updates

  1. Some closer pictures of the project.

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    The "edge of a metropolis" idea is pretty dang cool. Those farms between the buildings, though... Also, does China not have large mostly low-density areas?
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      This project was actually based on an area near Foshan, where a very mixed use landscape exists. China has something of everything and I have been to that fascinating country twice.
      Because the map size is never enough for a full city, quite some time back I started making (part cities) instead. I wanted to create areas at the edges of cities where fringes meet other fringes and where many industrial parks string along main highway corridors.
      I am considering returning to Cities XL after having now played 1000 hours on Cities Skylines.
  2. fanattiq
    Fantastic recreation between landscape, roads and between farms and town buildings
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  3. Inan
    Another great looking city by you. A pity you didn't finish at least one of them. The community lost a top level builder.
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Hi. I have been playing Cities Skylines since release, but do miss many of the tools of Cities XL. Skylines lacks some realism and it lacks versatility in some areas.
  4. moran
    Excellent CJ, i still thought that why this is a town not a big city when i noticed the city link problem,I'm sorry for that.
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Hi Moran,

      It's a strange thing but I feel that because there was no city link, the map did not crash. This project was going smoothly and I then decided to start again from scratch to create the real dream project. I would not have deleted the city but for some reason I could not produce a spare map slot. So I deleted the whole project and started another one on the same map. This was going to be a very large Tokyo suburban area but it crashed.
      It was the very last straw in literally years of issues, so I have uninstalled the game and quit.
      I am now waiting for Cities Skylines and also playing a little bit with Cities In Motion 2.
      My days of Cities XL are over. A great game with far too many problems.
  5. OvidiuDm
    I love this town
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thank you. :)
  6. Kurtis Edwards
    Kurtis Edwards
    I would love some more close ups. I really love how you are laying out this city. However, without any close ups we can't really study how you get the Rural/Urban mix done so well. I mean the grid layout is awesome, but I kinda wanna study how you place each lot. I can make American/Australian style cities with no sweat but really struggle with Asain/East European style cities.
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Hi Kurtis. Thanks a lot for the comment. In the update there are one or two closer pictures. The key to meshing the rural with the urban is to use very small buildings, so that as you zoom out, there is a less definable line between them. For instance, as an extreme example, if you Google Earth Tokyo, at first the urban area has no form other than a misty grey mass with varying density levels. This effect can only take place over a large area.
      In Cities XL with the 11.5km map size, this is impossible, but....using the smallest mods available, it is possible to get more realism. Also I am using footpaths to divide small rural plots, which adds more realism again. The finer the details, the more realistic and less game like it appears.
      I use the very smallest residential mods and mix them together. It's a very long process and even with this project, I have lost some interest and have some new ideas using more of the Japanese housing mods. Also in this project, I have not even used the RHM. All I did was take a theme and spread it. There was very little planning done here. It also turned out to be less Chinese looking and a lot more latin looking. I simply need more suitable small mods. The next project is probably going to be suburban Tokyo (north and way from the CBD. I tend to really like creating suburban projects, rather than a whole city because of the map sizes and the lagging issues.
  7. Nogerivan
    this are very good....
    You using map with google overlay?
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thanks Nogerivan. Yes it is a Google overlay. The map is made by Moran, who I am grateful to, because I love this map and it does not crash on me, like so many others. I believe it is because the map has no road connections to the map edge. This means I cannot trade except with electricity production. Also, because I use a sandbox, it also means that I cannot sell any excess industry.
      Although there is the Goggle overlay, I am not following that street pattern.
  8. Peter912
    Wow excellent city! I like the idea of mixing farms with housing together!
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thanks Peter. This is the peri-urban method where it is neither urban or rural, but both. However in this project, I think I am having a main city towards the port and a string of smaller towns intermingled with rural lots. I have not tried this before and think it's working out well. It's incredibly time consuming because everything is hand placed.
  9. Benster
    5 stars. I really like your way of mixing the farms into the egde of the city iit makes it more a part of the city. I think there should be a (big) park but theres enough space of that, and yes I agree that it looks more european and if you like to add european houses I think Axel has made great mods for that, I think they fit in nicely (They are Dutch houses by the way) ;) Love to see more.
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot for the great feedback. Yes It really is turning European, even though I'm on the Shenzhen map and I'm trying to create Rice paddys :)
      Oh well, it becomes what it becomes and I could start using other residential mods. At the moment, I do not have the RHM installed either, so I have not added a highway network. I am thinking of some small wooded areas (especially out in the rural areas). As I built, I'm tending to get more detailed with smaller rural allotments and tighter street formations.
      This is a style I have not really tried before, so I am learning as I progress.
  10. 5/5,
    Very well done, I like this project very much! You did great doing a steady flow from urban to rural areas without any major cuts in the landscape.
    Some closer pictures of the city would be nice!
    1. justyburger
      Author's Response
      Thank You. I really don't like the cuts that you mention between urban and rural and so this merging effect is exactly what I wanted to produce. Parts of it are a very scattered approach, but at the same time, I want there to be a few defined urban centres which are loosely connected.
      At this stage, I am still undecided if the whole project will be a number of different smaller towns in the rural landscape, or whether there will be a steady densifying and a large centre down towards the water and future port areas?
      I don't have a complete plan in my mind. All I am doing is steadily encroaching across the map as I see fit. I will add some closer pictures soon, after a little bit more work has been done.