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CJ my seattle,a simple city

a city around the downtown

  1. needspeed17
    Game Version:
    • Cities XL 2012
    how the city"s looks like?the city have 660000 population, be located in the west of the usa.now see the pictures. i apologize for my language.
    cxl_screenshot_ocj_7.jpg first is the citys aeview. it with a big big forset next to the downtown .
    the road network
    cxl_screenshot_ocj_9.jpg some street pictures cxl_screenshot_ocj_2.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_6.jpg in the highway road cxl_screenshot_ocj_14.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_19.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_63.jpg An overpass bridged cxl_screenshot_ocj_69.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_67.jpg a small island cxl_screenshot_ocj_93.jpg the city“s skyline cxl_screenshot_ocj_20.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_27.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_29.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_30.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_57.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_90.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_94.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_102.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_103.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_110.jpg the autodrome,i think it is my citys best place cxl_screenshot_ocj_118.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_122.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_8.jpg finally is my airport,i like it cxl_screenshot_ocj_23.jpg cxl_screenshot_ocj_115.jpg


    1. cxl_screenshot_ocj_41.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_ocj_49.jpg
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  1. some photoshop

Recent Reviews

  1. Monty
    Nice! The first two pics where kinda meh because the map is still pretty empty but then I scrolled down and whoa! very good job with the highways. There are many cool things around the city. I agree with Inan about the green area, maybe using patches of forest plazas with different tree desities would make it look better. Keep the good work!
    1. needspeed17
  2. kipate
    Nah, five stars!
    Of course, there are several things I could critisize, for instance the lack of realism regarding some of the water plazas. And the journal is missing, but I understand that it may be hard to translate anything to English.

    What I really like are your highway, they look very smooth, really lovely! The skyline is also quite appealing and the downtown area looks like an American city (some other parts do not look so American).

    Your work with Photoshop is very good, keep it up :)
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response
      thanks,the city file is gone,haha
  3. Inan
    The city itself actually deserves 5 stars, nice realistic look, good mix and suburbs. I just think that green area on the other shore is too simplified. And, of course, the city is far away from being finished, i am curious about the result. Congrats so far!
    1. needspeed17
  4. Big Meany Mean
    Big Meany Mean
    You still got a lot of space to make good use of it
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response
      yes,but i do not have more patience because the computer patience.thanks for the five stars.
  5. dlimpens
    nice, I also like the highways
    1. needspeed17
  6. ObelicS
    You have great skill for RHM parts. I really like that :)
    Also some details like autodrome or little lakes are looking awesome ! But buildings choice and forest area near CBD is something i dont seem to find real.
    If you take some practice ( google map ) for better urbanism and style choice it would be 5+ easy.
    Keep it up :D
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response
      thank you.the city will be more reality
  7. Pepino
    very nice work with RHM!
    I suggest rethinking the mix of very different styles, it doesn't feel realistic. Otherwise very nice
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response
      thank you
  8. iiSaviour
    Nice city, can't wait till it's finished up and hope you do a complete CJ. But I have two questions:

    1) The individuals homes in the 4th picture, what mod is that or are those pre-installed homes?

    2) The apartments next to the Mississauga homes in the 9th picture, what mod did you use for the apartments/duplexes?
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response
      thank you.it is monty"s apartment mod and the Middle East buildings mod,you can downtown in the xxl source
  9. Xuan
    great work!
    1. needspeed17
  10. XOUSTE
    It would be a great CJ if you finish the city,keep it up man!
    1. needspeed17
      Author's Response