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CJ Nacre

A city in the Polaro ( my country in the French forum Génération City )

  1. Myname
    Hello everybody !
    Nacre is a city in the Polaro, my country in the French forum Génération City ^^

    A little preview before a true update ;)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Antoine89
    I love the style of the city. It's wondeful. Congratulations ! :)
  2. RedZone19
    I love the peaceful atmosphere within the city of Nacre and I'd really like to take a walk in those parks. You clearly know how to combine the furniture and buildings at right places and that required skills and an aesthetic sense. One thing, I believe the big words are somehow destroying the feeling of those lovely photos so it'd be better if they're removed. Anyway, excellent work. :)
  3. cityguru
    Awesome city , but you doesn't have a lot of pictures. only two and thats why i don't like it! Its sad you build a awesome city without sending more than 5 pics! Otherwise you have 5 stars!
    1. Myname
  4. JackDuck
    Five stars, there are some beautiful pictures. La touche française :D
  5. ARCHitect
    I really like it! Waiting for an update
  6. Ole
    Just a few pics, and it already amazes me ;)
  7. d_h_s
    I like the realism, Not every city has skyscrapers, Did you know that Winnipeg Manitoba actually had a height restriction on Buildings for years...good job!
  8. locko
    I like your city ;) Nice to meet you on XLN Myname ^^
    1. Myname
      Author's Response
      Oh, nice to meet you ! :aie:
  9. Barnabu
    Very good work, nice pictures.
  10. IcyHot
    Its always the little details that make a city great. Rocks placed in the water, benches, and other ploppables added bring it to life.