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CJ New Bluebay

From the past to the future always with nature

  1. Chencho
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015

    The oldest part of the city mixing mosques with cathedrals

    cxl_screenshot_new bleubay_14.jpg

    Darwin Sq is the most romantic place in our city presided by the natural history museum

    cxl_screenshot_new bleubay_19.jpg

    La Colina Mall is the dreamed place for shopping.


    Fubilla is the technological area in town full of cinemas and theaters


    The garden cross half of the city full of museums monuments and amazing buildings. panoramaopera.jpg

    Panoramic view from Torre Latina


    People Sq is the space between the National museum and the peace obelisk
    cxl_screenshot_new bleubay_10.jpg
    Discovering Sq
    abadia.jpg ciudad futura.jpg comercio.jpg disney.jpg estacion.jpg gran catedral.jpg horizonte.jpg jardin botanico.jpg justicia.jpg panoramaopera.jpg plza viajero.jpg satelite2.jpg

    justicia.jpg puerto.jpg


    1. panorama1.jpg
    2. cxl_screenshot_new bleubay_10.jpg
    3. puerto.jpg
    4. satelite.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    That city looks really good. I like the grid-like blocks towards the center of town, and the curvy roads on the outskirts. It makes you city look like it is growing.

    No, I am not a huge fan of European cities, but this one looks... better. I also liked your high-tech area and shopping center. The area with the history museum looked really cool.

    Last: I have two questions for you:

    1. What mods were used in this picture: http://xlnation.city/attachments/abadia-jpg.26676/

    2. Where did you get the Gateway Arch?
    1. Chencho
  2. Inan
    The pictures you are showing us really look great. There are some nice places in your city. The overview pic nevertheless shows the exaggerated grid layout, what is a bit unrealistic, to be honest. Maybe you can vary the street layout a bit more, curvy roads and diagonal connections here and there would work. Nice descriptions, a bit more background info would also have been nice to read. All in all, it is a good city, you have potential! 4 stars!
  3. Wibi
    Beautiful city! An incredibly well planned layout, I can see that this was highly influenced by the Parisian city structure. But honestly, if it weren't for your highly articulate road mapping and gorgeous European parts of town, I would have easily given it a 3-4 stars.

    Feels like you've overdone it when you've already got such a great basis of the city. I feel like you've nailed the European aspect of the city, but ruined it by putting too many landmark high rises in the Jardin el Horizonte. Too much mixture of buildings from antenna towers to an awkward placement of the New York landmarks, its a very odd and over the top layout. I suggest you follow the traditional city formula which is to add smaller high rises gradually leading up to a skyscraper, rather than awkwardly having a tall skyscraper on the edge then back to European city look.

    All I can say is that for future note, refrain from using all the landmarks available on the list, it may be there to use but it doesn't make things look better. For example having the Sacré-Cœur then further up the hill is a Chinese Buddha Statue, doesn't match.

    You've set your city on a European themed (Latin/French themed), don't go overboard and turning into a further mix of Dubai, New York and Istanbul. If you want to mix the city up, plan it better rather than plopping it in random unnecessary placements that doesn't suit its environment.

    In defense to the previous reviewers, I have to agree with them. I know that Parisian cities stick to that monotonous same building structure, but your city has got one line of German Pack mods, then next to it is a another line of row styled buildings, then the standard citiesXL European styled one. If you want to make it like Paris/Barcelona, I suggest you stick to the same type of building style and add parks/opera house/whatever in random intervals to break the cycle once in a while.

    Wow ok, sounds like a know-it-all and a talkative one at that, but that's my two cents. Don't take it personally, as I too was building cities like you but managed to break the habit of sticking to a theme than overdoing it.

    Unique and beautiful city, keep it up and can't wait to see more of the incomplete areas.

    P,S. Presentation is sick! ;D
    1. Chencho
  4. TheFosaGames
    Macho... ME HA ENCANTADO LA CIUDAD, ENSERIO. Todos los rincones me gustan. Felicidades :)
    i like the pics in first person views,however your city looks kinda unreal in overview.like Kipate said,some of the buildings are repeat over and over agian. Anyway,well done!
    1. Chencho
      Author's Response
      have you been in Paris?.... have a look of it
  6. kipate
    Good city! I have to say that I liked your previous journals a little more, as they seem to be more refined. This city here was clearly planned on a macroscale, which is good, but it is missing some micromanagement. Lots of buildings repeat over and over again, that is not so nice to look at, especially as the way of their placement is quite ordinary. There are no little plazas where people could rest are hence simply non-existent.
    1. Chencho
      Author's Response
      based on Barcelona and Paris. is not my fault is about the mods we have for the game.
  7. ailo
    Quiero ver el mapa satélite por favor
    1. Chencho
      Author's Response
      ahi lo tienes
  8. Monty
    The sights are beautiful, I'd like to see moaaaaaaar, please.
  9. Anonymous
    Just perfect, i have nothing to say (for detailed and excellent work), i have posted review to raise up rating because this city deserves five stars...
  10. Fisher92
    These guys are just jealous of your skills, this city is A W E S O M E