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CJ New Bucharest

In the middle of the desert, an Oasis rises.

  1. soviet_killer
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    The city of New Bucharest was founded in the year 3029 AD, on the lost colony of Earth, Auralia. Until recently it was and still remains a small city, with a population of not even 100 thousand residents.

    The city started out as a small outpost in the harsh deserts of Auralia, most of it's population living underground, but after the terraforming project has ended, it began expanding on the surface, and a new nation was established, the Kingdom of Romania.
    For decades New Bucharest was the country's capital, until a series of sandstorms destroyed most of it, burying it underground. A small group of people kept calling the city their home for 600 years.

    Now, it is being expanded upon, so it can be the new capital of the Commonwealth of Romania, and should be able to sustain a population of 10 million by 3800 AD.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    This archive is just a mod exhibition
  2. Anonymous
    It's a nice start, even though some of the buildings are too repetitive. I'll give you 4 stars to stimulate you and can't wait to see your city finished!!