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CJ New Eden

Human's modernization Eden, living in the edge of mirror.

  1. eric_jeppesen
    Game Version:
    • Cities XXL 2015
    Hi, mayors.

    Happy Chinese new year!

    It’s my first time to publish my city in XLNation, but it’s not my first city in Cities XL series. And I hope everybody can enjoy my CJ, New Eden City.

    This CJ will use the first person narrative, and to one of my favorite video games, Mirror’s Edge.

    Be advice, this CJ is XLN version and you can view other version in Chinese social media Tieba or Chinese website SCCN. If you like my CJ, you can follow me @eric_jeppesen in Tieba or Twitter. Or become my friend at Steam. Thx for your view!

    Because of XLN has 30 pictures limit, so others extra more than 100 pictures can not be uploaded. But you can view it in my CJ's UPDATES tag.


    Eric Jeppesen


    My name is Eric Jeppesen, and one of my friend Faith invited me to her city in my summer holidays. Just in yesterday, I packed my bags and came to Beijing Capital Intl (ZBAA/PEK), with some delays, finally arrived New Eden Kruger Intl (EDEN/EDN).

    -Jetblue4037, wind 3 knots at 337, cleared to land runway 36 left, contact Kruger Ground on 125.200 when vacated at taxiway C3.

    -Cleared to land runway 36L, contact GND on 125.200 when vacated, Jetblue4037, good day.

    -JetBlue4037 ,taxi to gate B21 via taxiway D1, E5.

    -Taxi to gate B21 via taxiway D1, E5, Jetblue4037, many thx.

    When I pass through the customs and reached the area of Intl ARRIVAL, Faith was waving her hands, How about your flight?

    Nice, let’s get out here.


    Because I don't have much luggage, so she suggested that we take a view the city first. I love to do that, so she suggested we go to the sea port area.

    To reach the sea port, we took a cab and crossed a bridge. The taxi driver side to us that New Eden Yangshan Port(新伊甸 – 洋山港)is the biggest sea port in the world, and thankfully, it’s a deep-water port, many heavy-loaded ships can unload here.

    While we were taking a walk in the harbour, three huge cooling towers were in front of us. Faith told me that these towers belonging to New Stream Energy, this is a nuclear power plant of three AP-1000 units. Nuclear fuel rods can be in the vicinity of the loading and unloading of the terminal.

    Go straight ahead, it is the entrance of the inner harbor.

    But this is too close to the nuclear power plant, is not afraid, we still want to leave this place as soon as possible. So we got back to the mainland of island.

    Faith told me to pay attention to the monorail, the cause of the terrain, the monorail had to through the mountains. Just at this time, we arrived the area named Triangle. I asked Faith why take this strange name. Ah, just look at the overpass.

    Walk along the overpass, we arrived at an island that local people called Twins. Of course, Twins have two islands that very close. Faith told me another island is under construction, when it complete, this place will rename to Triple.

    One of these island placed a living zone, besides, a catholic church named Church Joseph. Every Sunday, many Catholics come to worship, since here is a tourist attraction, every day there will be a tourist bus carrying tourists come to visit.

    Continue to walk along the elevated expressway, we arrived at the second island, which the city council located.

    Opposite to the city council, it’s a Christ Church named St. Sophia. The bell will ring in every hour. The city council’s appearance is very modern, and the church formed a sharp contrast.

    Then we caught a cab, forward to the mainland of island again.


    The old city is located on a raised peninsula. About 30 years ago, this area is the busiest area of Eden City (Yep, not the New Eden), and a passenger port was located here. But twenty years ago, due to the completion of the new airport, the old seaport will no longer play its role, so it was removed.

    We got off the cab and walk into a park, standing by the lake, the rainbow is coming out. It was raining yesterday? I asked.

    -Yeah, you’re pretty a lucky dog.

    Just at the moment I turned back, WOW, what is that?

    -Scared you a lot? Ha, it’s Eden Tower, the second highest TV Tower in the world. I used to climb up and that’s something!

    Answered Faith.
    [Real Life Location] Guangzhou Tower, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC.


    At the foot of the television tower, it’s a little park. A river winds its way to the sea, we followed the bank of the river.
    And then the famous Bird Nest and Water Cube came into my eyes.
    F1.jpg F5.jpg

    The so-called bird's nest, is New Eden Stadium, can carry 100,000 people together. And the other so-called water cube, is New Eden Aquatic Sports Centre.

    [Real Life Location] The National Stadium, Beijing City, PRC

    The National Swimming Center, Beijing City, PRC

    Pangu Building, Beijing City, PRC



    After we got up in the morning, Faith suggested us take a walk to Sailing Ship Center. To be honest, the morning’s fresh air made me felt full with energy. There have a seaside hotel, which was designed by Yansong Ma, the famous architect in the world.

    The way from old downtown to city central is an embankment road, one side is Pacific Ocean and another side is towering peaks. Monorail line and an double-decker expressway.
    [Special Thanks] Thanks to the video producer on YouTube +TheNounoursKing’s idea in his great video.

    Since we reached the edge area of city central, it’s an expressway entrance cross mainroad, and residential area around there. Subway and monorail set a station named Tahrir Square(解放广场).

    I was excited to see the outline of cities skylines, skyscrapers all over here. Wanna get more close? Faith asked me.
    For better view, we go to the CBD Park and WWII Memorial.

    And a funny thing that Faith told me The New Eden Global Finance Center have a nickname: the bottle opener(瓶起子). Isn't looks like it?
    [Real Life Location] Shanghai Global Finance Center, Shanghai City, PRC

    One World Trade Centre, NYC, America

    Chongqing WTC, Chongqing Municipalities, PRC

    Hong Kong ICC, Hong Kong SAR, PRC

    Chase Building, NYC, America

    Jinmao Building, Shanghai City, PRC

    CITIC Building, Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, PRC

    Royal Air Force Memorial, London City, UK






    Go down south, there are two island. One island laid on west and another on east and have a highway connect to other cities. There are two bridges to link them, the longer one named Hakucho Bridge.

    [Real Life Location] HEFU High Speed Railway across The Yangtze River Bridge, Tongling City, Anhui Province, PRC

    Malaysia National Petroleum Center, Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia

    Bahrain World Trade Centre, Manama City, Bahrain



    Soon, we got tired. So we decide to catch a bus and continue our tour. At passenger bus terminal, we got on the No.56 bus to Railway Station.

    -Have you heard of Eden Canal?

    -Well, a bit.

    Eden Canalnow abandoned. Long ago on the island in the mountains found a coal mine, road traffic is not convenient, so people dug a canal to transport coal to the seaport. In recent years, coal has gradually been eliminated, the coal mine has been abandoned, the canal has been transformed into a tourist landscape zone. We are now seeing the expansion of the river in order to beautify the city.

    On the bus, the broadcast told us arriving at United Center Gymnasium. The United Center Gymnasium. The annual season will be held in the basketball game, here is the home of the New Eden BULLS. A few years ago this was sponsored by United Airlines, so it changed the name.

    [Real Life Location] United Center, Chicago, Illinois, America

    The next stop is New Eden Railway Station. New Eden Railway Station is an underground platforms High Speed Railway Station. Thanks for convenient high-speed rail network, citizens can take High Speed Railway EMUs to everywhere.

    High speed railway station is connected to elevated expressway, and passengers can also easily transfer to the bus or subway.

    [Real Life Location] This underground HST station just like Shenzhen Putian Railway Station, Chengdu Shuangliu Airport Station and Yujiapu Railway Station which located in Guangdong Province, Sichuan Province and Tianjin City, PRC.

    Around the railway station is the largest park and square in the city.
    K1.jpg K4.jpg

    Here, is located in the New Eden Museum, the old theatre and the New Eden Arts Center. Also have a unique hotel.

    Slowly, we walked along the grand square, taking a walk to the New Eden Library. The library is located on the seashore, in its rear is the yacht wharf and the sailing wharf. Every day, the sun will be sprinkled on the library through the ocean, so that people will be happy to read.

    Is not far from the river's estuary, here is very quiet, time is like solidification general, quietly to enjoy this afternoon.

    Golf Course is nearby.

    -Across the bridge, there a small island. Do you wanna fly?


    ON AIR

    You have a flying license, aren't you? Faith asked me.

    Of course. I said.

    -Let’s rent an aircraft!

    Alright, I love it!

    -Aurora Traffic, Cessna 5906N take off from runway 29.

    We were lift off!

    Enjoy the views! Faith said.


    Our fuel is still enough, so we decided to look at the night sky in the air.
    N9.jpg N3.jpg

    And then we were flying in mirror’s edge, and experience living in mirror’s edge.

    THE END of my City Journal, New Eden City.


    Just from Faith Connors’tattoo eye.
    O4.jpg O2.jpg

    P1.jpg P2.jpg P3.jpg P4.jpg

    EOM - Author's words

    Hi, folks.

    Thanks for watching my CJ – New Eden!

    I’m a university student that living in Beijing, and my university is Shijiazhuang Tiedao University(石家庄铁道大学). If you are living in Beijing or Shijiazhuang you can find me.

    Except Cities XL series and Mirror’s Edge series, I also loved railway and aviation. Just like Train Simulator and Microsoft Flight Simulator series or Prepar3D. If you love them too you can make friend with me.

    You can contact me @eric_jeppesen in Twitter or Tieba, or find me Eric Jeppesen in Steam and Origin.

    Thx again for your watching!

    Happy Chinese New Year!

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  1. CharalineDreemurr
    Where did you get the nuclear power plants? Are they in the base XXL game?
  2. luis diogo
    luis diogo
    Wonderfull city. Your interchanges are amazing.
  3. veija2
    Lovely city. Very enjoyable tour. Thanks.
  4. David Anson
    David Anson
    How did you bulid the road on the water? mods in the XLnation?
  5. dlimpens
    nice, I like the highways and intersections....
  6. Prime SSR
    Prime SSR
    Everything is awesome about this place except that pillar on the road but you still deserve 5 stars :)
  7. Trustime
    I really like this city. Looks very realistic and beautiful. Great work! Where you got the roads over water in the sea port?
    1. eric_jeppesen
      Author's Response
      You can search for it: Waterroad. And thx for your watching!
  8. omartiz955
    Amazing work! :D
  9. fayeddd
    Awesome town! i love your RHM work!
  10. Thrangar
    Excellent RHM work, some of the best, City has a nice symmetry and some Story telling at its best