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CJ New Hayland

A new financial super-power

  1. Whoppiedoee
    New Hayland, a city located in the vast wetlands of the city state called Greater Hayland.

    Population proper: 13.390.640

    GDP: $763.346.472.630 (24th economy, just larger than the Dutch economy)

    Population wealth and Tax:

    Low Income
    : 5%, 13%
    Lower-Middle Income: 36%, 12%
    Upper-Middle Income: 45%, 11%
    Upper Income: 14%, 10%
    Average Income: $57.005,97
    Corporate, retail, high-tech and hotel taxes are 10%
    And yes, my city has a degressive tax system.

    Map: Wetlands

    I named it New Hayland as it is supposed to be a sort of New York like city and I have and old Anno 1404 city (which is also massive) named Hayland Harbour, so yeah... that explains the name.

    Some pictures!! :D

    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_46.jpg
    Skyline in the north
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_31.jpg
    The Great Statue of Progress
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_34.jpg
    The Central Park
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_35.jpg
    Another picture of the fun times at the Central Park
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_20.jpg
    The City Council tower at the Central Park
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_36.jpg
    A shot of Freedom Park (East Park)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_37.jpg
    Looking at the Central Sports District (there's also a baseball and soccer stadium)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_38.jpg
    A view of the spacious elite island
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_39.jpg
    The elite island (located in the Hayland Bay)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_40.jpg
    The golf course and executive housing near Hayland Bay
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_41.jpg
    The skyline from the suburbs (south)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_42.jpg
    Progress statue from the suburbs
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_43.jpg
    The Statue of Progress
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_44.jpg
    View of the Financial District from a luxury penthouse
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_47.jpg
    The Northern District
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_48.jpg
    Some HT Industry in the northern district
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_49.jpg
    The Nuclear Power Plant (north)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_50.jpg
    North Hill cxl_screenshot_new hayland_51.jpg
    Looking at the city from the north east (previous northern things were in west)
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_52.jpg
    Victory Avenue, close to the central metro station and central park
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_57.jpg
    Financial District at night
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_56.jpg
    Centre Plaza at night
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_60.jpg
    Some more billboards along Centre Plaza
    cxl_screenshot_new hayland_62.jpg
    And lastly, the New financial quay

    I'll add a map when I've got time cuz I think its all pretty confusing....

Recent Reviews

  1. Steven H. Endermann
    Steven H. Endermann
    Your DOWNTOWN area looks good. It would be nice to see some lower-density areas. The Nuclear Power Plant and fair area made me happy, though. Keep up the good work!
  2. Anonymous
    Looks good!
    More skyscrapers than I would have liked,
    bu that is just my opinion.
    1. Whoppiedoee
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Haha I know, but I still really like the city because I spend very long building it. And I really love massive cities so yeah... skyscrapers ftw... But thanks for your opinion I´ll keep it in mind for my next city